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Aranuth Speaks: May 28th 09 - To Assist with the Ascension of Souls

Hello everyone,

It’s almost the middle of the year whether we have noticed it or not. 2009 is half gone and is already shaping up as a “year to remember” mainly because of the global economic and financial meltdown which has shaken world economies right down to what was previously considered their solid foundations.
The year 2009 will also be remembered as the time of many souls opening up to their spiritual truth and actively seeking advancement, understanding, and enlightenment.
Aranuth and his brothers and sisters of the light continue to play their part in assisting those souls with positive and practical information. Just in case you haven’t noticed Aranuth has been slowly but surely stepping up, lifting me up, and almost imperceptibly lifting you souls up as well. We all move as one.

The following message was channelled at Ravenshoe on Thursday the 28th of May and will be the last message until I return from holidays at the end of June.


Aahhh, ha, ha……Good evening dear souls.…