New message May 15th 09

Hello light workers and souls on the Golden Highway to a higher vibrating world of love and peace.
This message was quite unexpected; then again there have been more than a few communicators from through the veil whom I have channelled at varying intervals so I should not be surprised. The message is from a highly evolved, gentle, but very powerful, feminine entity. The message is so beautiful that I expect that I could be excused for wondering if the entity is actually an aspect of Mother Mary’s energy stream.

This entity, “Shemayne”, has taken on an important mission; a mission so important that it could, and is intended to, change the entire paradigm of conception, gestation, birthing, and raising children across the entire planet, and indeed on other vibratory levels as well. What “Shemayne” is attempting to achieve is fabulous to say the least.

The message:

“Good evening, I come in love and peace. Peace be with you.
My name is Shemayne, the weaver. I am the weaver of fine cloth. I asked to be with you this evening; I asked for use of this channel. I asked to be able to deliver not a message, but my story, so that the information that you will glean from my story will assist you to understand what we in the in the spirit world do. I can only relate my story from the vibratory level that I occupy and tell you of the experience that I have chosen whilst not being physically embodied.
I wish to talk to you about love. Most particularly, I wish to talk to you about silent love.
I am nothing, but there are many souls upon your plane of existence who only understand love in one or two separate aspects.
Love is a soft word: love is not harsh; it is not hard, it is not conditional, and it is not an instrument of control or to be used as such. Because to use love as an instrument of control is not to use it is to mis-use. In many instances it is simply abuse.
Love is gentle, love is soft, and love is an expression of energy radiated without friction. You might say that love floats, glides, from one energy being to another. And it is in this manner that the recipient of that love can easily absorb it; they can absorb it, and they can saturate themselves with the entire intensity, the meaning, the essence behind that love.
Far too often, we in the spiritual realms are witness to love being used, mis-used, abused, and mis-applied in quite a number of circumstances upon your planet between souls whether they are younger and inexperienced or advanced.
It is rather amazing to observe so many souls who wish to be of the love vibration: they wish to give out their love; they wish to radiate their love, they wish to receive the love, and yet they do not understand something as simple as love. How can love be complicated?
Earth-bound people take the simplicity of love and complicate it: some times knowingly; sometimes unknowingly. But should those souls ponder love: should they ponder the true meaning of what love is; they may surprise themselves with the answer that they will receive. Love has no conditions: it has no restraints; it knows no barriers. Love is very simply a very powerful yet soft, penetrating energy given from the Creator to souls who then express that to other souls, who then express it onwards, because the love vibration is like the light. Because the love is the light and the light is the love. So as the light is all-pervading and all permeating so too is love because that is the nature of it.

It is our sincerest wish that all souls currently embodied on this earth planet should contemplate the love, what it is, what it means, what it can achieve. Our sincerest wish is that they discover the true meaning of love and use it to their greatest advantage in the manner that was designed for.
Now we hear people talking about love which is conditional; they talk about love in a harsh manner. They talk about love as though it is something outside of them. Love is what you are. You are here on earth: you are undergoing experiences; you are walking through your personally tailored lessons which are designed for you to apply the principle of love to and know that every lesson, every experience that you may have is couched in the terms of love. It is surrounded by the energy of love; and it contains the pure essence of love.
When will those souls on earth realise the true meaning of love and then use that love for the greatest of the ALL. And when I speak of the ALL I don’t mean just all souls. I’m talking all animate and inanimate, everything that comprises the ALL-NESS of you; of your planet. Love will penetrate and permeate the entirety of the ALL.

Where I am at present is what you would call the “spiritual level”; it’s space, it’s a space. In the space that I occupy I am undergoing a lesson which I have chosen, it’s an experience. You see I am spirit who is pregnant; I am pregnant! I am with child.
I am having the experience in a specifically designed vibratory space where I may experience the conception, the growth, and the nurturing of a child. I am experiencing, I am learning how to apply love constantly and continuously from the time that the spirit pregnancy was simply a tiny spark of light.
From the precise moment that I conceived of the light I have applied soft, gentle, love to the spirit child within me. And I will go through a gestation period not unlike what you experience on your earth plane with the exception that I may choose to have that gestation period of a shorter, longer, or extended length of “time” as you know it. Because the “time” that it takes for me to bring forth from my spirit body the birth of this child is the precise time that it takes me to continuously apply love. So that when the spirit child, this child of the light is ready to be birthed it will have been continuously subjected to my love, my unconditional love; that is the experience that I have chosen to undergo on this plane.
It would be wonderful if there were women on your earth plane who conceived, nurtured, and birthed their child in a pool of love; a pool of soft, gentle love.

Now that I have told you my story I would hope that this story will go out and touch the hearts of as many souls as it can possibly reach. Not just of the feminine persuasion, but of the masculine as well because as you see both the masculine and the feminine must come together: they must be balanced; they must be in harmony. The harmony and the balance over-laid and impregnated with love will bring forth offspring who are totally of the love vibration and who will, as they walk upon your earth, radiate that love to all others as an example of what can be achieved. And it is very achievable.

I am only setting the example: I am undergoing every aspect of conception, gestation, and birth of a love child in hopes that it will prompt others to follow my example and thereby alter the paradigm on earth to one of pure and unconditional love.

I chose this evening to be with you, to give you my story. I have had to wait until the timing was right; until I was allowed shall we say, allowed the use of this channel, and this channel was chosen specifically for this task so that he may spread the word; he may broadcast my story. My story is simply of love.
I thank you for being such good listeners.
Before I withdraw I wish to cloak you with the finest fabric that I have woven using the energy of the Creator. I have chosen to weave for you a soft and gentle fabric using the energy of Gold.
I leave you with love.

Thank you, and good evening.


I was so moved by the beauty and the intensely powerful energy of this channelling; and by the enormity of the daring and adventurous nature of Shemayne’s chosen mission that I have indicated to my Guides, the Brotherhood, and to Shemayne that I am not only willing but ready to channel Shemayne at any time that she may require me to take her message to the people.
There is a knowing-ness around me that there will be more to follow as I sense Shemayne moving in and around my energy field quite often.

Love, peace, joy, and abundance to all,

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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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