Aranuth Speaks: May 19th 2009 - To assist with the Ascent of Souls.

Hello to all,

Time as we know it is seemingly flying along bringing with it many instances of “you think it, it arrives on your doorstep”…almost instant manifestation in many cases. And of course that adds to the mix of ongoing changes that come tumbling into our lives willy-nilly.
Now might be a good time for us to practice being very aware of our every thought……and the consequences!

The following message was channelled at our regular session in Atherton and was of such length that the message ceased a matter of a couple of minutes before the tape ran out. Aranuth’s timing was impeccable.

The Message:

“Ahhh, ha, ha, ha, haa,….back in physicality again…glorious….aaahh my goodness. Well good evening dear ones; what are we going to discuss this evening ? Hmmnn,….I thought that we might talk about priorities: your priorities; you life pathway and the negotiation of it. Priorities. From where we are, we often observe and we can understand how souls incarnate on this earth at this time become lost in the dream; lost in the illusion of living your physical life. There are numerous souls who, as you say, have a good handle on their life: there are also numerous souls who are “sometimes people”; sometimes they have their life in hand and at other times it is running amok. And then there are those who, through their inability to pay attention to their life, their entire life pathway gallops madly away like a mob of wild horses.

In line with my stated objective of bringing you souls something very practicable, very workable, that you can use in your every day life. I thought that it may be appropriate for me to talk about your life priorities. Priorities for your life pathway are in fact rather simple. There are a few signposts, guidelines, you might say, that you can apply: you should apply; and you should pay attention to so as to lead a positive, constructive, joyful, and fulfilling life.
Basically we should commence with an analysis of what you are.
We have spoken previously about your five body system. Without going back over old lessons we are all aware, you are all aware, that you are firstly and lastly spirit. That is what you are: that is what you have always been; that is what you will always be. You are simply spirit. You are energy.

Now starting from that base: souls go out into other levels of expression; other realms, to experience, to learn, and to grow through enrichment, the enrichment of their soul, the enrichment that that energy “compact” gains through numerous experiences on many levels of expression. And this dear ones (Aranuth spreads his arms indicating the entirety of this reality) this is only one level of expression.
Now because this is your current level of expression we shall confine our information and advice to what is useable; what pertains to this current level that you are expressing on. There is no need to visit or re-visit past expressions or future ones. Now you will notice that I did not say “past lives” and “future lives” because this here (spreads his arms wide again) this third dimension rising fourth, is rising up to fourth dimension in solid matter. It is one of the few levels that you could…. hmmnnn….ahh….accurately describe as “life”; life as you know it.
There are many other levels that you have expressed upon and there are many other levels that you will express upon. And those other levels do not necessarily involve what you perception or concept of life is because being spirit, I will not say that you will never die because that equates to never cease to exist because I have never discussed this with you before, but there are levels to which a soul can sink whereby they may be required to go back into the energy mix you might say to be minted as a new soul once again. This is a very rare occurrence but it has happened. I have never had any experience with it myself but I am in the knowing that it is an aspect of unsound soul expression, or more appropriately, retardation. So we will leave that well enough alone for the present moment.

Now we are going to talk about priorities in your life. The basis of your expression, your life, on this level is a five-bodied one. Whilst you are on this level you will have five bodies: five aspects of self; of which you are an aspect of your higher self, of which your higher self is an aspect of another higher self and so and so forth. Quite recently we did make mention of the fact that it is like an evolutionary stream: and that stream; that structure, that chain-of-command, remains intact and goes from you inhabiting this physical body at this time right back up the ladder of soul evolution until you come to the Source, the Creator, the one that you call God.
So your five bodies are your physical, your emotional, your mental, your spiritual…. there is a qualification on that…..and your higher self, your higher level of being-ness.

Once you agreed and were given the opportunity to inhabit a body on this level of expression you were very well aware of what you would require to complete a successful pathway transition. You were aware before you came here of those five bodies: how they would interact; how you would use them individually and together as a composite of one-ness. And so I would like you to consider your physical body. Now if you do not look after your physical: if you do not totally accommodate it; all of the aspects of the physical aspects of the physical body, you have to accommodate it, you have to see to its needs, you have to pay attention and provide for its requirements.

Did I ever tell you that you are the fortunate ones? Because you see there are many energy beings in other realms who are waiting. They are in line: queued up; awaiting the call, the opportunity to become incarnate and have an “earthly experience” I believe you refer to it as. Having a body, well that is a gift that you have been given. Your physical body has been given to you because it was considered that you were worthy of inhabiting that body: you required an earthly experience; and without that physical body you could not have that experience. So now that you have been given this physical vehicle; you have been chosen ahead of many other souls because you were considered not only eager but deserving. And so it goes without saying that those in the higher realms, the great Logos, the Great Beings of Love and Light wish to see you use that body in the manner that it was intended. You will note that I said “use that body”.

Unfortunately during the outworking of lessons there are some souls who, having chosen a rather difficult and rocky pathway, have slipped and fallen on that pathway. They have taken a diversion; they have not used, they have mis-used and abused their embodiment. They have lost value: they have ceased to value that body; they have ceased to care for it, nurture it, and see to its requirements.
So having been given this gift of a physical body so that you may carry out and enjoy your experiences and lessons on this earth plane many have not succeeded in nurturing, honouring, and being thankful for that embodiment. So your priorities in this life firstly are care for your body: care for your vehicle; because this vehicle needs to be kept clean. This vehicle needs to be regularly serviced. It needs to be fuelled.
Now the needs of the body are not at all complex. They are not at all complicated. And the needs are not overly numerous. There are just simple, basic, maintenance requirements for your physical. The food that you fuel it with. The liquids that you drink. The way that you exercise, that you relax, you love, you use the body as it is and was intended.
It is painful for some of the beings in higher realms to observe the way in which some souls mis-use and abuse that embodiment. The embodiment was designed to last for quite a long time; and I say quite a few years of your time. Quite a few: more than what the body currently lasts.
So your first priority is to love your body: look after your body; care for it. It is incumbent upon you to do that if you wish the body to give you the service that you require; to carry you through all of the experiences and the lessons. Care for it: value it; that is your number one priority.

Emotions: now emotions could be considered a double-edged sword. Your emotions can greatly increase, expand, and intensify your energy. It can also expand and intensify your creativity, your ability to manifest, to bring things in. When the emotions are used correctly they will serve you very, very well. Now having been in a physical incarnation for a number of your earth years you will all relate to the whole gamut that emotions can run. Should you sit quietly and contemplate you will bring into your conscious mind the wonderful things that the emotions can achieve; and also the destructive things that run-away rampant emotions can cause. And so similar to your physical embodiment it is to your benefit to look at your emotions. There are so many wonderful, positive, uplifting emotions: and the greatest of all being love; because as souls on earth at this point in time are starting to realise that love is not only the only thing; it is everything. Without love everything would cease to exist because love is the adhesive that holds everything together.
When you consider the emotions that drive your love. Love of a child: love of a spouse or partner; love of yourself, your siblings, your parents, love of an animal, even the love of your environment. Love of the entire, whole, wonderful world which is a microcosm of the whole macrocosm. Your world really is a very small portion, a very small piece of the entire puzzle. So with your emotions I would like you to consider this: emotions can be immensely constructive; emotions can be immensely destructive. Now, just like the physical body you are the driver: you are in control; you are the one with your hands on the steering wheel and in control of the vehicle called “emotions”. You make all of the decisions for the physical body, and you make all of the decisions for the emotional body.
Now I hear you think “but how do you control emotions”? Emotions as I have just said are either constructive or destructive, there is no in-between. There are graduations of each but there are certainly no in-betweens. Being in control of this physical vehicle of which emotions is a major portion of, you get to choose……oh yes! get to choose your emotions. There is no good in throwing your hands in the air and saying “I can’t help it, I can’t help it”….. you can. Every minute of every day you choose. Everything that is around you: everything that surrounds you; everything that is attached to you, everything in your entire life you choose….its called choices, freewill choices. And before you came here to this level of expression when you were first given your embodiment, you were well informed, you were told that the earth plane, the level of solid matter, is a level of choice, freewill choice, and you shall make those choices.

Before you came here no one said that you “must do this” or “you must do that”; “you will do this” or “you will do that”. You were informed that once you arrived here on earth it was all up to you; it is all up to your own freewill choices. And we do not judge you. We from other realms; we …..ahh….mmmnn…more experienced and learned beings from other realms do not criticise or judge you; we sit and watch and allow you the freedom that you were given before you became incarnate…..yes, freewill choice. So you can choose your emotions.
It is a bit saddening to see how at this present time people are losing control of their body. They are also losing control of their emotions. You are all familiar with the term “road rage”, “parking lot rage”: rage, if you excuse the pun, seems to be all the rage these days. You have a choice: if someone cuts you off at an intersection you choose; you can swear, you can yell or hammer on your horn, or you can say “God bless you brother or sister, you must be in a hurry, please go ahead of me” and then leave that soul to carry on along their own pathway because they are having their own learning experience that does not have anything to do with you other than you sending them love, understanding, and compassion.
There are of course random outpourings of emotion which you experience prompted by various happenings, various occasions in you life but it still is your choice. It does not matter what happens, what is said, what is done, or what transpires; you have the choice of what emotion you will register and express. And we would suggest that you immediately go to the emotion that is the most constructive and studiously avoid any emotion that is destructive.

And now we come to the third body, the mental body, your mentality, your mental state.
It’s very complex; it is not as simple as the others. It is quite complex your mental state.
However I would like to revisit what I just said before; its all about choices. You can choose what you wish to think about: you can choose what you would like to mentally dwell upon; you can choose what aspects of life on earth you would like to use your mental powers for, things that you would like to mentally consider, investigate, and experience. And of course as part of your overall learning pathway there are some of you who will have a higher intelligence quota than another.
Now in actual fact it is not truly the higher or lower intellectual state, it is simply that the intellectual level that you will access: the intellectual level that has a barrier preventing you from going higher is there deliberately because your intelligence quotient at any one time is precisely what is required for you to undergo your life experience, or that particular individual experience. Now as souls, as energy beings, as spirit, there are no parameters, there are no barriers.
When you come to earth as part of your chosen entire life pathway plan you in company with other higher beings, your guides, you higher, higher self have selected what would be the most appropriate intelligence quotient, level, to assist with your learning program.
All too often souls incarnate get quite involved in mental hi-jinks, adverse mental hi-jinks. They allow their mental aspect to start dictating the terms to the soul incarnate instead of the other way around. Don’t forget, you’re the one in charge; you’re the one responsible. Now you must have an active, fertile, and productive mind and mental capability so that you may complete your pathway; that you may traverse all of life’s experiences and lessons. However, there are those who, shall we say, push their mental, their mental capabilities to the fore instead of treating it as an equal part of the five-body system. The intellect, the mind, and the mentality wants to be the boss. And so we have to be circumspect: we have to exercise a bit of caution; we have to use a lot of common sense so that the mental aspect does not get out of control and attempt to take control of the steering wheel of your life. Very briefly we will touch upon substances which will affect your mental state. You are all well aware that there are substances which you may intake or ingest that will improve the quality of your life by improving your physical, your emotional, your mental, your fiver-body state. There are also those substances which are harmful and should never enter into the body. There are many substances currently being mis-used and abused; there are many substances which are better off left well enough alone because once those substances start hammering on the door of your mentality, attempting to break in and take over… well ….dear ones, let me tell you that’s a very serious pathway to go down. So we will just leave it at that; we will leave the mental part of your being-ness for the present.

When we go to the spiritual; do you know the word “spiritual” on your level of existence is often a term which is mis-applied: not applied appropriately; ….ahh....not completely understood. It is simplicity itself. You are spirit; how could you not be spiritual? You are spirit embodied; how can you not be spiritual? Well you will always be spiritual but unfortunately on this level of expression you can lose contact with your spiritual self. You can become blinded by the pretty lights of this physical expression. You can become enmeshed and mired in the illusion of this earth plane: and do not for one moment forget that this all an illusion; it is all a construct, manifested in this solid-matter form specifically for souls to use it, for souls to incarnate upon, for souls to learn. This is an illusion which in fact could be compared with a school: not just a school of life; not just a school of life-on-earth, but a school for all souls who choose to come here.

In line with paying careful attention to your physical, your emotional, your mental, your spiritual, you have to balance them by giving yourself time, allowing yourself time to reconnect in some instances, to strengthen in most instances, your connection to what you call the spirit world. You are spirit; what is most beneficial for you to do is to remember at all times principally and firstly, you are spirit. Physically, emotionally, mentally, these are add-ons. When you leave this incarnation dear ones what do you take with you?
Ahh, ha, ha, ha,….nothing. You return to spirit as enriched, a life-experience enriched soul. You don’t take your physicality: you don’t take your emotions; you don’t take your mental, you don’t take any of that. You leave it all behind.
When your incarnation is terminated, then as spirit and only as spirit energy will you return to the spirit world; everything else is left behind in this illusion, in this construct. You move on as an energy packet and hopefully at the end of this incarnation when you do cross over, move on and return; return to us, return to the light realms; you will come back as this beautiful, magnificent, energy packet glowing with all of the accumulated soul enrichment that was gathered in all of your expressions, on all of the levels, like flowers and fruits that you picked and gathered and have carried with you in your basket; and your basket is your colours, your coat of many colours.
So then when you return home to the realms you return home with this beauty, this beauty of experience-packed soul enrichment. And what do you do to rise, to advance? You make the transition to an even higher level of being-ness in what you call the higher vibrating realms.
In the vibratory realms let me tell you we don’t have rich man, poor man: we don’t have extreme wealth and extreme poverty; that all belongs here on the plane of solid matter.

And so dear ones the object of my… err…ahh….dissertation tonight was to put before you information: revise your lessons; revise what you have previously learned in all of your expressions including this one. It would be beneficial for yourself, and it would be so satisfying for my Brothers and myself, and other souls on our inner planes, outer planes, in all reality there is no such division; there is no inner, outer, up or down, it just other realms. It would be so pleasing for us to observe you considering you physicality, your emotions, your mentality, and then realising that you are spirit.

Now the fifth body is your higher self: your fifth body is yourself; because if you are a part of the higher self, and the higher self is part of you then how can you not be that?
If you are a slice of the pie how can you not be the pie? And so when you look at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual from your higher values, higher levels, higher virtues, higher ideals; when you go up to the pinnacle of that pyramid, and the pinnacle is for this lesson, the pinnacle is the higher self. So that the base of the pyramid where you are, shall we say, in the trenches with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, and you are struggling to balance that, remember that you are spirit, you are spirit incarnate. So you have those four bodies which is your foundation stones; that is the foundation of your entire expression on this earth plane. They are the four solid corners of the pyramid. That’s your foundation and you build on that foundation by working your way up to “becoming” your highest spiritual self. And the highest self expresses all of the higher ideals, virtues, and values; that is the totality of your higher self.

So my dear souls, it has been wonderful being here with you this evening. May I tell you that I, Aranuth, and my Brothers wish you happy, steady, and safe climbing to the pinnacle of your own pyramid.

Good evening dear ones.

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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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