Aranuth Speaks: 30 th April ‘09

Aranuth Speaks to assist with the Ascent of Souls.


Whew!..... April….What a month.
Easter came and went leaving behind quite a number of souls who were left wondering “What was that all about” after being knocked off course by a particularly wobbly burst of unexpected and unexplained energy. I for one felt as though I’d been caught up in a turbulent washing machine and tossed out for the sun to dry. To be honest I sensed it coming a few days before Easter and was not able to resume my normal self until a couple of days after Easter. My normal self…that was of course until Wednesday the 22nd and Thursday the 23rd of April when it returned to put me through the grinder once more. Ever get the feeling that you have just been beaten up by an invisible mugger?
So many people continue to report that they are experiencing shakiness, confused thoughts, lethargy, disinterest, lack of energy and motivation; they find themselves unable to arouse any interest in doing the things that they would normally love to do. The good news is that it passes in time – it’s just another energy alignment. Change is happening all around us; we can either go with it gracefully or resist. The choice is ours.

On a different note Aranuth has stated previously that "they" were taking me to a higher vibratory level. A feature of working from this higher level is that we are now "streaming" as opposed to the old way of "channeling".
"Streaming" is a relatively new form of channeling for me which involves being aligned with the higher entity’s energy and “streaming” their energy / words directly through the physical whilst in a state of semi-conscious awareness. (It varies) The guides are also apt to quietly slip in and give information and advice during healing or counseling sessions when I am somewhat alert and in an apparent state of awareness.
“They know not who it is that speaketh”

Aranuth also advised me recently that the importance of my moving to a higher level was the fact that I was not just a “broad spectrum / broad bandwidth” medium anymore. He revealed that he was a multi-dimensional, multi-vibrational, multi-faceted, and multi-aspected entity who was able to transcend boundaries and parameters and express on many different levels and in numerous and diverse “guises”.
To be able to accommodate him whilst he was operating from those levels in all of those guises and aspects he required me to move up the vibratory scale so as to stay aligned, stay in his energy stream, and deliver his message to the widest possible audience.
It’s all good!

Message (Below is the latest message channeled at Ravenshoe on Thursday the 30th April.):

“Ahh, ha, ha, ha…..(Aranuth laughs and claps gleefully) Well good evening dear ones. Good evening once again. And what a wonderful crowd we have here today…and what a lovely venue…isn’t it lovely? Welcome everyone. How wonderful it is; how very wonderful. So much love, so much light, so much happiness…..and this is what you want is it not? Is it not what you want? Happiness and joy in your life….hmmnnn.
Today there are several things that I had planned to talk to you about and I thought that first up there is one issue that I must address. I find it quite humourous. My medium here is a bit apprehensive about my mentioning it but never mind we shall bring it in.
So many people have said “Hey! Who is this guy”? “Who is this fellow”? “Who is this Aranuth”? Ah, ha, ha ha.
Oh dear! I am not that much different from you do you know. It is just that I am operating from another level, a higher level, a higher vibration, and it is a level that I have earned. We earn these levels through our application and hard work.
You are all doing the same thing; you are all on the same type of pathway, and I would like to remind you that there is no easy way to attain these higher levels. There is no “free ride” you might say. Anyone who gets to a higher level of advancement, a higher vibration does so simply because they have done the work and they have earned it.
Might I add that every soul here present this evening, and many who are reading these words at this point in time, are already well on the way and are already on higher levels than what they perceive themselves to be. And when I listen to you people talk, there is a perception that because they are embodied they must be… ahhh…anchored, and anchored closely to not so much the third dimension because those who are anchored in the third dimension would not be here present this day. Those who are living in ahh…shall we say not the third dimension, because that has lower third dimension connotations, but what I am talking about here is a dimension of solid matter.
This is where everything vibrates so slowly that it clumps together and that is where you get solidity; the vibration here is slow and when it is slow it clumps together. When it speeds up like a centrifugal, like a centrifuge; the faster it spins the faster and farther it gets separated and flung out. It is the same with your energy, especially if it is a love-enhanced, love-empowered energy. It hits the fugal and it spins out; it separates and goes out further, wider, deeper, and that’s what happens when you are in this vibratory centrifuge.

Before we get into the issue that I really want to address today which is truth; truth is the issue that I want to speak on today, but before I do that I want to address the issue of “Who is this fellow”? “Who is Aranuth”?
I would like you to ahh…umnn…envisage a chain of command where you have your General, and down through all of his Officers, right down to the enlisted foot-soldier. Everyone has a position, a level, within that chain, and that chain has a stream of command, and it is that word “stream” that I wish you to remember because we are going to talk more on it very shortly. Another term that may use for stream is alignment. Alignment, stream; when you get into the alignment then the stream flows straight and correct. I am …umm…what you would call a higher aspect, a higher self of this medium. This fellow sitting right here. I am him; I…AM…him! We are one. We are in alignment, on stream, and what am I doing now? I am streaming. I am streaming, not channeling; I am streaming from my level to yours. Now we can use higher, middle, or low. Wider, narrower, or closer; in actuality it does not exist. We’re not talking about you being fully in alignment now, we’re talking about being aligned with these energies, with these levels, your energies are all coming into alignment.
With my medium here we are always in alignment and we now have reached a point in time where we “stream”. Now when I say stream I mean everything from me comes through the various vibrations down and directly through your medium. There is no one interceding on behalf of another: there is no interpretation; there are no diversions or deviations, it is a direct download as you would call it.
To give you just a little background. I am the higher aspect of an entity by the name of Columcille. Columcille is also known as Columba: also known as Columba of Iona: also known as Saint Columba of Iona. I am the higher energy / aspect of Saint Columba of Iona which is in the stream of the higher energy of your medium here. We are all one. We are aligned and connected in soul energy.

Now at this point in time I would like to make it very, very, clear. There is no such thing as ego attached to this information: ego is not tolerated regardless of who you are in this incarnation; regardless of whom you have been in previous incarnations, and regardless of whom you will be in future incarnations. You are simply energy! You are energy expressing and experiencing on this level of solid matter. There is no ego attached!
Souls come to this earth plane in many guises. The guises that they come in are specifically designed to suit the experiences and lessons that that soul desires.
Now wrapped within those experiences are lessons; and within those lessons are the opportunities, boundless opportunities for that soul to rise. Now if you bear with me we are going to knit all of this together very shortly; we are going to knit it. In actuality what you view as a linearity of lives is simply not true from where we are because here we do not have time and space as you know it. Over here is one time, one space, the now, However at a later date I will explain how we put pockets of space within that space. So in actual fact when we from where I am look at your incarnations we see them all at the same time. We can watch them all unfolding at the same time. But for your understanding; for the understanding of the human being, you have to have a linear perspective or else it all becomes jumbled up and confusing in your mind; and that is quite okay for you to look at it from a linear perspective. You still have those lives: and in those lives there are many experiences; within those experiences are many lessons, and within those lessons are opportunities.
You are here on earth simply for the experience; for the lesson, for the opportunity. You are here for the opportunity to experience all of these things; and what does that give you? Growth, enrichment; soul growth and soul enrichment. And that’s what it is all about. Don’t forget that everything around you is an illusion. Everything that you had in every other incarnation was an illusion. It’s a construct of interconnected experiences: and within the experience is the lesson; and within the lesson is the opportunity, and within the opportunity is your choice. You can choose to endure the lesson and grow, or you can choose to avoid the lesson and stagnate.

What I was fully intending to discuss with you on this day is truth. Truth. Now for those of you who are emotionally sensitive and prone to …ummn…easily hurt feelings, I ask you to put all of that to one side for the time being; just put it to one side right now while we examine truth. What is truth? Hmmmn, Well truth is a very, very, important aspect of your whole being-ness, of your whole life, both here embodied and in the spirit world. In the spirit worlds it is very difficult to have untruths …ah, ha, ha, ha,…..because we can see who and what you are by your colours. In this life, in the physical embodiment there are many untruths spoken. I have no intention of dwelling upon those who speak untruths. What I did bring for you, and this again is for your choice, for your soul growth, it is information that you may do with as you please. It’s all about your free-will choice.
The way to accelerate spiritual growth; spiritual advancement; is to be truth. Now you have to be authentic: each and every soul upon this planet, each individual, they are sovereign. You can have hundreds or thousands, millions or billions of souls and yet there are no two the same. Oh yes, you can have soul-mates but no two souls are the same. You can have twin energies but no two are the same.

What I wanted to talk to you about is “being” your truth which is living your truth. Now do not be forgetting that your truth may be different to another’s truth. What is true for one may not be true for another but it is your truth. Coupled with that, coupled with the truth of who and what you are right now, and let me tell you that it will change and alter minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. Your truth will continue to alter and change incrementally. With your truth, the way to advance and to advance quite smoothly, quite speedily, is to be and live your truth. Now this has rarely, it has rarely been the way simply because people on this planet keep adjusting themselves to the words, actions, thoughts, and opinions of everyone else around them. They feel that this is steering a course of least resistance. Well, yes, that might be the course of least resistance. But I would like you to think about this for one moment: If you come here to this earth plane, and you come here with a series of life experiences and lessons: If you are going to deny your truth, your true being-ness; and if you are going to take the course of least resistance, that has the least friction, well then….you are dodging your life lessons aren’t you?
Ha, ha, ha,….oh yes, you are dodging them alright. You encounter a situation that looks a bit bumpy and you say, okay, let’s just go around it. What you have just gone around is the gold. Because it is those pot holes, those barriers, those bumps; that is what you were meant to traverse, to overcome. This is your pathway, you were meant to find your way through or over it not to dodge it or walk around it. Because you have to get deep into the lesson; you have to get into the basis of the lesson so that when you come out the other end you will have achieved something.
There is no “pass” or “fail”, you have just worked your way through that lesson as best that you could. But if you are going to continue stepping around, and stepping around, and avoiding these….err….what you would call distasteful or abrasive situations you are not learning how to negotiate that type of lesson-strewn pathway so you have just decided to take a short-cut.
At this point in time I understand that it is difficult for everyone to say “okay, from this point onwards I am in my truth, I will speak my truth, I will live my truth, I will be my truth. Because having said that you know that you are going to hit brick walls: you know that you are going to meet resistance. You know that those people who are your friends may not continue to be your friends when you speak your truth. We in the realms understand that. We have all been through that. What we are saying to you is that you can confidently say “I am going to be in my truth”: “I am going to speak my truth”; “I am going to live it”. “Every atom of my body shall be devoted to truth”.
Now that you have made that decision you will find that it is like building a wall one brick at a time. One brick at a time: one instance at a time; one moment at a time.
You can evaluate everything that is happening in your life and commence living in and being in your truth.
It is a human condition: it has always been a human condition, and as long as humans are embodied, humans will always want to dodge the truth. You are all individuals; you all have your own individual truth. And you will remember the old expression “he who speaks the truth had better ride a fast horse”. Ah, ha, ha, ha. Because there will be those who do not want to hear the truth. They will be hurt by the truth simply because they have been living the lie. They have carefully constructed a web around them as an explanation of their life which is a lie and you have just busted that carefully woven web because you have just forced them to confront the truth. And when they confront the truth and they find out, they find themselves out, it hurts. Instead of them looking at it and saying “there’s the lesson, how do I profit from this lesson” they will turn on you, some will be savage. Your history books are full of stories of souls incarnate who spoke the truth and lived the truth and were tortured unmercifully for it; they were persecuted for daring to speak the truth in front of those who lived the lie; those who wanted to perpetuate the lie.

Bringing things back to a level that you occupy now, you can implement more truth. I am not saying that you are not in your truth at present. I’m saying you are not completely in your truth; you can find ways to slowly but surely implement the truth in your life. Think about it! How many times do you when in discussion with people and you find yourself saying words that are not the truth simply because you do not want to offend somebody; simply because their feelings may be hurt.
This is the world of free-will choice. You can choose to have your feelings hurt; you can choose to be offended, or you can choose to thank that person for showing you where the truth lies. For showing you where you may be unaware that you are not living the truth. So when you start living the truth that is when you become authentic and sovereign. Now you are all sovereign individuals at this point in time but you don’t become authentically sovereign until you are contained within the truth. If you cannot speak the truth do not speak at all. When you have to speak you can always couch your speech in terms where people will understand that you are speaking truthfully; you are speaking your truth as you know it at this point in time without being overly abrasive.
They will understand, they will know that you are speaking your truth. They will understand that this is what you are. You are the person who will speak your truth every time but you can speak it in a firm and yet gentle manner.
So I would like you to have a look individually over a period of time because living the truth and being the truth takes tremendous courage. It takes tremendous courage!
You will build the courage simply through your application. Now if you open your eyes every morning and affirm “today I am going to focus on being true” it will happen. How many times do people say “I love you”? Do they? How many times do people say “you are my good friend’? Are you? There are so many interesting aspects of truth. So speak your truth: be your truth; live your truth, as you know it from your own heart.
And then we maybe have a look at the results of that. What will happen? Well probably the worst thing that could happen is those people with whom you have a false relationship with of any description whether it be minute or major; that relationship will either go to a new high, or will dissolve, cease to exist. And if it dissolves and ceases to exist what do we have then? The end of the charade; that’s what you will have.
We have cut these two people from living a lie.
One person speaks an untruth and another person responds with an untruth.

It is very, very important that the things that I impress upon souls each time when I come to speak is love, love, love, unconditional love, pure love: positivity, absolute positivity. Truth, Trust, They are four very powerful pillars that hold you up. If you make those your foundations; make those the four corners, the four pillars of your life then you will have a very, very solid foundation; one which cannot be shaken or broken, and it will serve you in very good stead. Authenticity; so many have a life, so many behind that life, under that life, they either have an inkling or have the knowledge that they are not this physical being going through this physical life. They know! There is this hint, this inkling, this hunch, that they are above that physical expression….and they are. How do we get to authenticity? We have to excavate, we must excavate and go down through everything that comprises this life. We have to dig deeper and deeper, and deeper within ourself. We have to search for our true self: our true being; our true being-ness, the true energy, the true entity that we really are. When we find that within ourself we have just found our authentic self. We have just discovered our authentic sovereign self!
Because you see, as I said before, no two are the same. You can have similarities but you are not the same. Because when you were breathed forth from the huge membrane which encompasses the thought-mass of the Creator; as he breathes forth this spark of light it emerges through the membrane and no two sparks are the same. And that is you!
That is me too! You are all breathed forth….. ha, ha, ha, ha….here it comes again….you are breathed forth as an authentic individual; sovereign energy beings, and once the breath of the Creator goes (puff) and breathes you forth. And the great Logos hold out their hand and carry that gentle spark of light to start it on it’s pathway…that is you.
Every life that you have ever had: every experience that you have ever had; every lesson that you have ever had, every grain or pinch of soul advancement and soul enrichment that has altered and added to your colours ….that is what you are! That is your authentic self: that is your true self; that the sovereign essence of what you are.
You are here on this earth plane not to extend, broaden, or accumulate all of the objects of solid matter and materialism, you are here to enrich the soul that you are. It’s all about soul growth and soul enrichment, that‘s what the game is all about; and this (indicating surrounds) is the illusion.

Now we still have a little time left so I should like to briefly return to alignment. Align yourself with your higher self, the highest aspect of your higher self; just keep aligning yourself with all of your higher aspects all the way back up the stream. Like a fish that swims upstream, go back up the stream, step-by-step aligning yourself with your higher virtues and values and I have spoken to you about your higher virtues and values. Go up to every aspect of your higher self, go up to your Monad, go back to the Source, the Creator. Once you are in alignment, once you are in the stream you have made it. Because it does not matter what vibrational level you visit or express upon you still retain that attachment to the Source, the Creator. That is your lifeline that can never be lost.
There is only one way that you can go and that is up to the Source; you are streaming from the Source. That is where you get your intuition, your information, your guidance, whatever you need it is given you. The greater the attachment you have to the Source the easier your pathway becomes. So what I am saying to you here today, and I thank you all for being here, what I am suggesting to you today is to quietly re-evaluate your life: look at where you are now; the totality of what you are at this point in time, then I would like you to contemplate the small gains that you can make; the small areas of growth by slowly but surely slipping in the truth. Slowly but surely speak your truth: be the truth; live the truth.
People around you will adjust. Those who do not want to adjust, they’re not your loved ones, they’re not your friends, If they were they would honour you for wanting to be truth.
It is a tall order, it is not a barrier or hurdle that can be leapt in a single bound, it is something that you will have to apply yourself to rather diligently. Apply yourself to it in small ways. Think about all the little ways that you implement the truth. In the end it becomes a habit. Things change and alter: the universe changes and alters; you are all changing and altering, you are all aware of the changes happening within and around you. The changes that affect everyone and everything.. hhmmnnn.
So what I am saying to you today when I am speaking of one of these pillars, the pillar of truth, what I am saying to you is … is those four pillars that are going to raise your energy vibration. It is those things such as truth, trust, love, and positivity; it is these things, among others, that are going to lift you up and hold you up. So regardless of where anyone else is on the vibratory scale you know exactly where you are because you are being honest, authentic, and sovereign. And so too will you rise in energy quicker and easier and when the time for what you call ascension comes …oh the ascension has been happening for ten, twenty, many years and it will reach something of a climax within a short few years of your time and move over into a different vibration.
You have to position yourself; you have to be up there ready to take advantage of it when the new energy comes in and it will pick you up like a wave in the surf and carry you forward. And then you will sit back, look back, and say to yourself “I have done well”!
Before I take my leave I would like to tell you that you all do very well, and you will continue to do very well. Some will continue to do well with some haste: some will continue to do well a little laggardly might I say, but you will continue because it is all about evolution. And it’s all about ascension within the vibration.

That just about covers it for today. I have attempted to bring to you information that is very applicable to the majority of souls who will read or hear these words. It is something for you to ponder: something for you to consider.
With your permission I will come again. My medium has indicated to me not simply that he will come again, he has given me a commitment which he will honour. That commitment is rock-solid and will happen. Should you desire us to come again we will. We will come again and again for as long as you feel that we are bringing you helpful knowledge and information that will be of great help on your pathway and will contribute to your spiritual upliftment and advancement.

There are other issues and subjects that we will address individually at a future time.

Before I leave I would like to leave you with a little gem that will please you.
For those of you who have the eyes to see: above this group at this present moment is a large circular light. The circle of light is continuously moving: it circles above your heads; it circles at quite a speed, at such speed that it appears stationary. And as the light and the light-energy circles and circulates it is feeding your astral star chakra; it is feeding your crown chakra. The Divine White Light within this elliptical circle flows through your crown and flows on down to your heart centre. It has been circulating above you for some time today. It will continue to circulate, circle, and as the grid separates portions of the energy will separate and continue on in an ever-decreasing circle, down through the crown chakra and into the heart centre to fill your true being-ness with the refined light and love of your Creator. You are blessed; I bless you.
Thank you and good evening.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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