Aranuth 5th May 09

Aranuth speaks to assist with the ascension of souls.

Hello everybody….every soul embodied,
It has been interesting to observe world events such as the swine flu, the various governments and health official’s response to it, and the media flogging the story to the max. Behind the hype and hysteria it is simply another strain of the flu that regularly affects the world.
We’ve had the Asian flu, SARS, Avian bird flu, Hong Kong flu, and a few other flu strains that have come and gone in the past. Luckily, Australia has not been affected to any great extent in spite of the hype surrounding the Swine Flu.
As the Chinese say: “we live in interesting times”.

This weeks channelled message from Aranuth is another in his expanding catalogue of practical and positive information and advice to assist souls presently incarnate to safely negotiate their pathway and advance to a higher level of enlightenment and being-ness.
I get so much feedback from people expressing their delight in the way that Aranuth always brings simple, straight-forward, and helpful information and advice that is immediately applicable in their daily life.
Aranuth surprised both myself and the other sitters with a noticeable difference in his persona and manner of speaking; he was different but it was the Aranuth that we all know. You cannot miss his quirky humour….and that laugh!

The Message:

Ahh, ha, ha, haa; Good evening once again; once again we have returned to the house of light. We only have a very small group this evening and that is quite okay simply because these words are going to be not just heard but will be read by many across the planet.
This evening, what I thought that we might discuss is family. I’m talking of your human family. Hu-man. You have your human family: you have your human community; you have hu-manity. Each time that I come I attempt to bring information that you may use and is very applicable to your situation right now. At this time we feel, we of the realms feel, that at this time it is most beneficial for the human race, the incarnate souls, hu-man, all across the planet to awaken to the fact that the way forward for hu-manity as a whole is to practice love; and not only love because hu-mans have a difficulty expressing love to those who they do not know. They have a difficulty expressing love to other souls across the planet, and the major cause of this difficulty is that hu-man does not understand the true meaning, the true application of love. It is a small word and yet so many souls incarnate, in the hu-man embodiment, with the veil of materialism pulled across their eyes, seem daunted by the thought of extending love to those souls incarnate, various races, various colours, skin colours, and various nationalities.

Perhaps a little simpler is sharing and caring; now that all commences with you, with your family, with your community, with your national community, and the entire world community of hu-mans. We in the realms observe the activities, the thoughts, the words, the deeds, of hu-mans. We observe their outpouring of emotions, compassion, of caring, at times of major tragedies. It behoves us to open your eyes to the fact that if you can open up your heart and send love, unbridled and unrestrained. If you can open up your pockets and give of your money: if you can give of your goods; if you can give of your services in times of national or international tragedy then why do you have such a difficulty doing it on a much smaller scale on a day-by-day basis. Would you not think that it would be far easier for hu-mans to demonstrate this care, this concern, this compassion; and we see the explosions of heart-felt emotions when you are confronted with images of hardship, pain, and suffering being endured by others that causes you to immediately move into a position, which you occupy within yourself, and demonstrate your higher virtues and values. So it takes a national or international tragedy for you to move into that space of loving, caring, and sharing.
Would it not be also applicable if all souls incarnate participating in this mass of physical embodiment that is termed hu-man, hu-manity; do you not consider that you could be that; you could set the example to others on a daily basis by, in what you may consider small ways, show the same care, and compassion, and understanding, and tolerance to those around you who are, not so much less fortunate, but practice that with those who are around you on a daily basis.

We applaud you. We from the realms applaud you as a whole and as individuals for your heart-opening and compassionate response to your brothers and sisters of hu-manity in their hour of dire need. From the realms we observe this as a massive outpouring of energy which is easily distinguished by the colours generated and by the intensity and the volume of compassionate energy that is radiated to other hu-mans.
I am here, we are here, there are numerous entities surrounding us at present. To my rear stands several highly developed beings; I speak on their behalf. I speak on their behalf because of my alignment with this medium.
Now this medium is quite capable of accommodating these souls however they may not be able to deliver the message with as much as clarity as what I and the medium have developed and attained.
When we look at the challenges facing hu-manity both as individuals and as a mass: when we look at the challenges that you will have to confront; when we see these things we see them not so much as barriers or obstacles on your pathway, we see them as the prompter, the prompter for soul growth. These things are not random. What you would consider to be tragedies, tragic happenings; what you would consider to be earth changes that have tragic circumstances, tragic outcomes, causing deprivation and hardship; these things are not random occurrences…far from it.

Mother Earth is on her own pathway. Mother Earth is attempting to rise and achieve her own version of ascension the same as souls incarnate are working towards their own ascension. Just as you souls embodied are being confronted with challenges, and are meeting these challenges and are learning these lessons: you are involving yourself in these experiences; you are registering various forms of pain and pleasure, sensitivity, insecurity, and hardship… it is all there in the mix. It is all there for you, for your experience, your learning; it is all there for your individual, group, and mass lessons which is all part of the highway, the pathway that again as individuals, groups, and mass you will walk, and you are all heading towards your upliftment in vibration.
Carrying you, underlying everything that is happening to you, everything that you are confronting, everything associated with your development on this earth is underwritten by Mother Earth who supports you: who maintains you; you are connected, not just interconnected, you are part of Mother Earth and Mother Earth is part of you. You are co-dependent.
You are dependent upon each other. Every soul embodied at this point in time is dependent upon another or each other, other souls incarnate. You are all here for the experience: you all walk your individual pathway; but from where we are in the realms we see the mass of hu-manity and even though they may be walking their own individual pathway they are walking down a gigantic highway of vibratory ascension.
Now as you walk your pathway, as you walk that highway, I would ask you to think about this; if the one beside you stumbles and falls will you extend the helping hand to pick that soul up? Are you prepared to be a strong shoulder for that stumbling soul to lean upon so that that soul may go forward with you, with other souls, with the mass towards a common goal? Are you strong enough? Do you have the courage to pick that soul up and if necessary are you ready to carry that soul over the rough and difficult portions until they may regain their feet and once more walk the grand highway to a higher vibratory existence?
How do you accomplish that? How do you do that on a day-to-day basis? Well, should we consider those around you who are not calling out for help, are not reaching out for your strong hand, are not leaning upon your shoulder, they are simply walking the Golden Highway to vibratory ascension with you. They are your companions.
Have you ever stopped to consider that you can give aid and support to another to other souls simply by caring and sharing. If you were to freely offer things that you have: I’m not talking about things that you need and that if you gave them away it is you who would have to go without; I’m saying that there is enough abundance to go around. You can offer help, assistance, support and a share of abundance. There are so many variations and aspects that you can offer your co-traveller. Now if you were all singing the same song your co-traveller would also be offering support and assistance to help you.
Not all of your fellow travellers on the Golden Highway require much, or even require anything. But it is the fact that you offered to give whatever that soul required, you offered to give that. You genuinely cared enough to offer that soul something to help them with. When you are all singing that same song all are holding out the platter to you saying “if there is something that I have on my platter that you need then please take it, I am willing to share with you”. So you are sharing your sustenance with your fellow traveller as you walk the Golden Highway.
Now, when you make this a habit, and it is habit forming, it may even become a grand obsession; when you get into the habit of giving assistance and help to your fellow traveller, each fellow traveller enhances the journey of another.
Mother Earth is on the same journey.
Do you not think that it may be wise to offer Mother Earth assistance?
Do you think that it would be wise to offer Mother Earth your help and your support in return for the nourishment, sustenance, and the maintenance, the maintaining of that? Do you not think that it is in order to reciprocate? To assist Mother Earth in her journey, do things to heal Mother Earth? You are all dependent upon Mother Earth and her evolution, her vibratory rise into higher realms, and she has a pack upon her back, a heavy weight called ‘the mass of humanity’ which she is carrying. Do you not consider that you should reciprocate; that you should lighten her load? That you should not only heal her wounds but prevent her from being further wounded? You are co-dependent. Let us make this very, very, clear; you are very dependent upon the fruits, the nourishment, and the sustenance that Mother Earth provides.
Mother Earth is in no way dependent upon you! In fact if Mother Earth had never been inhabited she would be in a much, much higher realm right now as we speak.
Mother Earth would have had nothing to hold her back, hold her down; she would not have had the handicap of carrying and providing for the mass of humanity. She would not have had to suffer the poisoning, the pollution, the physical wounding.
Mother Earth has suffered and endured all of this for you because she, as an energy entity in her own right, is demonstrating unconditional love to you. Mother Earth is a living energy, a living entity. Mother Earth’s journey, her chosen pathway, the lessons and experiences contained within that pathway, she agreed to. She agreed to be the host, to be the mother for not only the numerous animals upon this earth but also the humans; she is providing you with a grand service. She is providing you with a well-provisioned playground for you to manifest and live out your dreams. So you can see now that we are starting to get to the real meaning of love, of unconditional love, and of course in the demonstrating and radiating of that love.
There is joy and sadness, there is pleasure and pain, there is heartache and ecstasy, but this is all part of your pathway; it is all part of your learning experience. And so too as you may have just realised, it is all part of Mother Earth’s pathway; it is all part of Mother Earth’s learning experience.

So I am here tonight in a somewhat different guise to that which I would normally come. Oh, it is me alright. It is me! And it is just that there are some …aahhh…periods of time; there are times when we come with different information and we alter the way in which we present ourselves and in the way that we present the information to you.
One of the reasons that you perceive me to be somewhat different in manner and presentation is because as you evolve, as you become more aware, and as we become aware of you going within more often and searching for answers, radiating care, compassion, and all of the higher values, it indicates to us that you are growing. And as you grow you may not be aware that you have also, almost imperceptibly in some cases, moved into a level which we shall call for your understanding ‘a slightly raised higher vibration’. You have reached a new level of understanding and expression.
Concurrently when we then step up: when I say we I mean the Brotherhood; myself as part of the Brotherhood, the medium who is connected to the Brotherhood through higher beings, beings on higher levels who are all aspects of each other. As you are all aware we have recently implemented and perfected the method that we have made known to you as ‘streaming’. We, the Creator, the Logos, the Brotherhood, the higher selves, the medium, we are ‘on stream’; in alignment.
This was not by accident; it was very well planned, it was for your benefit. It was planned and is for your benefit because as you step up so too do we step up higher and attempt to lift you up higher. Each time that I and my Brothers come to address you we bring you practical and positive information and advice for your own growth, for your own advancement so that you may rise in concert with your level of advancement that is unfolding before you. As you rise up we lift you further up; as you lift up again we lift you up further because you can now accept various concepts and truths that are contained within the information that we bring to you for your consideration.
I carefully chose the word consideration because it is your choice. Humanity has free-will choice. We offer you knowledge and information and you may choose whether to accept it: whether to accept all of it; accept part of it, or reject it. It is your choice.

We come with every day help. Every day and in every way the information that we bring to you, you can use. You can weave it into your daily life. And that is why I chose the word consideration. We don’t tell you what to do. We put it out there for you so that you may consider, so that you may choose. And you; and you alone are responsible for your choices. You have no recourse to any soul in the higher realm for what you may perceive to be difficulties or failures. It’s your choice. It’s your pathway. And the way in which we demonstrate love; the way in which we bring and radiate unconditional love to you is to give you as much information; as many tools and aids that we can for you to use to propel yourself along your pathway and the Golden Highway to ascension into a much higher realm.

My Brothers and I always come to you and radiate love. Unaware that you may be now, we as a Brotherhood present are radiating an incredibly intense and warm pink ray of love to you with the intention that it saturate your entire being-ness, and that the love energy, the love ray, that we radiate to you will resonate within you, because we want to activate a reciprocal response of radiating love outwards from you. Not back to us , we want to prompt the heart within your heart to emulate us, to radiate quietly whether it be known or unknown, radiate love to your fellow man and to your fellow animals who share this planet with you because they have a life too.

You will be totally unaware that as I speak, my Brothers and many other highly developed entities of light are circulating, slowly and silently, around this room and they are showering you individually with Divine White Light tinged with sparkles of gold which is our blessing to you. Each of these Great Being s of Light have selected an individual here tonight and there are other unseen individuals here tonight sitting in these what appear to be un-occupied seats. Every seat here tonight is taken. My Brothers in the Light have each chosen one soul, one individual here tonight to shower Love and Blessings upon.
Now, even after you vacate this house of light this evening the Brothers have indicated to me that they will go with you. Tonight as you enter your sleep state they shall be there to assist in any manner that they possibly can. This is not a permanent situation: it is not intended to be; however they will be spending as much time as they feel is necessary with you this evening. And so I feel it totally unnecessary to say “blessings” because you are already receiving them.
I thank you for your attendance and attention on this evening. All of those here embodied, and those disembodied here who occupy the apparently vacant seats. I thank you all for being here. And may I ask of you, may I ask that you say, whether it be silent or audible, “thank you” to the Brothers and Sisters of the Light who are here tonight specifically for you as an individual.
Ahh ha, ha, ha…. I thank you. I shall now take my leave and you may….. ah, ha, ha, ha…..choose for yourself what personal identity that you wish to attach to me…. ah, ha, ha, ha, ha …..
God evening children; good evening dear ones. Thank you.

You may share these messages with all however please do not alter or edit them.

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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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