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Aranuth Speaks: May 19th 2009 - To assist with the Ascent of Souls.

Hello to all,

Time as we know it is seemingly flying along bringing with it many instances of “you think it, it arrives on your doorstep”…almost instant manifestation in many cases. And of course that adds to the mix of ongoing changes that come tumbling into our lives willy-nilly.
Now might be a good time for us to practice being very aware of our every thought……and the consequences!

The following message was channelled at our regular session in Atherton and was of such length that the message ceased a matter of a couple of minutes before the tape ran out. Aranuth’s timing was impeccable.

The Message:

“Ahhh, ha, ha, ha, haa,….back in physicality again…glorious….aaahh my goodness. Well good evening dear ones; what are we going to discuss this evening ? Hmmnn,….I thought that we might talk about priorities: your priorities; you life pathway and the negotiation of it. Priorities. From where we are, we often observe and we can understand how souls incarnate on this earth at this time become l…

New message May 15th 09

Hello light workers and souls on the Golden Highway to a higher vibrating world of love and peace.
This message was quite unexpected; then again there have been more than a few communicators from through the veil whom I have channelled at varying intervals so I should not be surprised. The message is from a highly evolved, gentle, but very powerful, feminine entity. The message is so beautiful that I expect that I could be excused for wondering if the entity is actually an aspect of Mother Mary’s energy stream.

This entity, “Shemayne”, has taken on an important mission; a mission so important that it could, and is intended to, change the entire paradigm of conception, gestation, birthing, and raising children across the entire planet, and indeed on other vibratory levels as well. What “Shemayne” is attempting to achieve is fabulous to say the least.

The message:

“Good evening, I come in love and peace. Peace be with you.
My name is Shemayne, the weaver. I am the weaver of fine cloth. I as…

Aranuth 5th May 09

Aranuth speaks to assist with the ascension of souls.
Hello everybody….every soul embodied,
It has been interesting to observe world events such as the swine flu, the various governments and health official’s response to it, and the media flogging the story to the max. Behind the hype and hysteria it is simply another strain of the flu that regularly affects the world.
We’ve had the Asian flu, SARS, Avian bird flu, Hong Kong flu, and a few other flu strains that have come and gone in the past. Luckily, Australia has not been affected to any great extent in spite of the hype surrounding the Swine Flu.
As the Chinese say: “we live in interesting times”.

This weeks channelled message from Aranuth is another in his expanding catalogue of practical and positive information and advice to assist souls presently incarnate to safely negotiate their pathway and advance to a higher level of enlightenment and being-ness.
I get so much feedback from people expressing their delight in the way that Aranut…

Aranuth Speaks: 30 th April ‘09

Aranuth Speaks to assist with the Ascent of Souls.


Whew!..... April….What a month.
Easter came and went leaving behind quite a number of souls who were left wondering “What was that all about” after being knocked off course by a particularly wobbly burst of unexpected and unexplained energy. I for one felt as though I’d been caught up in a turbulent washing machine and tossed out for the sun to dry. To be honest I sensed it coming a few days before Easter and was not able to resume my normal self until a couple of days after Easter. My normal self…that was of course until Wednesday the 22nd and Thursday the 23rd of April when it returned to put me through the grinder once more. Ever get the feeling that you have just been beaten up by an invisible mugger?
So many people continue to report that they are experiencing shakiness, confused thoughts, lethargy, disinterest, lack of energy and motivation; they find themselves unable to arouse any interest in doing the things that they wo…