Re-issue of a channelled message from Aranuth early last year, which still has relevance today

After some consideration and requests for guidance I thought that I would re-issue a channelled message from early last year which still has relevance today.

Some of you may have read it; most of you would not have, so rather than wait another two weeks before the next scheduled channelling I have decided to re-issue this one.


Hello friends,

This past week or ten days has been one of ongoing changes that have affected us all deep within our being-ness. It hasn’t been easy that’s for sure, but it has been very necessary.

Many people that I have spoken to recently have talked about various aspects of themselves, their physical, emotional, and mental selves, their personality and character traits. Every one of these aspects of ourselves is being brought to the surface for us to unfurl, examine, and acknowledge that what we see in the mirror of truth is precisely what we truly are …at this point in time. This allows us get a good look at what area of self that still requires attention and development.

No one is exempt from this process; not one of us is all love and light all of the time. All have room for improvement or else we would not be here on earth at this time continuing with our lessons.

It would be an unwise entity who judges or criticises another’s lesson plan, pathway, or being-ness lest others see something similar reflected in them and so stands in judgement of them from a position of limited perception.

Judgement and negative criticism, along with malicious gossip can be of word, thought, or deed including body language and posture.

Love is the very essence of “The All”. Everything has its foundation in love. Love is all there is….and all there is, is love.

“Unconditional Love” is something we all might be well served by contemplating deeply and often.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”.

Perhaps that could be the basis of one of your meditations solo or in a group situation.


“Good evening dear ones”,

“A slight aberration we had there before” (guide was about to speak when the tape recorder clicked off and had to be re-started)

“The energy that was so noticeable before was radiating out to all from this channel’s hand. It is similar in structure to that which we saw magnified and radiated and guided towards the earth at the time that the Christ child was born in Bethlehem.

In actual fact the light that was seen in the sky was very real, true, it did exist.

However at that time from the limited knowledge of the people on that portion of earth during that period they were unable to discern shall we say, the true source of that light, the content of that light, and the purpose of that light.

At that time conditions were perceived by the Logos as being very favourable to promote and prompt an energy catalyst. An energy catalyst that would affect the vibratory nature of those in physical embodiment, shall we say those incarnate in a physical body. The truth behind this big star, the star of Bethlehem was actually of the Venus energy; yes it was a galactic energy, a “stellar” energy. Because you see with Venus it is representative of the female energy.

It was decided that your planet had seen enough of the effects of the masculine energy emanation, the domineering effect of the masculine energy. At that time many parts of this earth, many communities, many cultures, were very much dominated by the male, the masculine energy, from which came a desire, a desire for control and power.

Amongst those adversely affected by this masculine energy they had found a way to achieve power and domination. They used that energy to control all of those around them and associated with them. The female energy was treated in a lustful manner that at times, depending upon the individual, became extreme.

With the expansion, and the heights attained by the gross misuse of the masculine energy, it caused much friction and competition. And along with the warring states and nations, and those who took part in the warring, it caused privation, deprivation, and hardship upon many entities both masculine and feminine which led them to become more subservient and more and more dependent upon those who were dominating.

And so we had an escalation of the cycle of domination, dependence, more domination, and more dependence. The escalation of male dominance and extreme lust for power, control, and greed reached a point where it could no longer be tolerated on this earth plane. It could no longer be tolerated because the souls incarnate at that time their original design was to experience, to learn, to grow, to become, to realise their true being-ness.

Through the third dimensional experiences and the lessons of these experiences, all of these things, the experiencing of all of these creations of which they were co-creators, they came not only to an abrupt halt but because of the domination by those in power, who were not in great numbers, these souls incarnate were not fulfilling their mission.

Not only were they not fulfilling their mission they were sinking deeper and deeper into anonymity. They were going deeper and deeper into the fog, and the deeper they went into the fog, right to the fringes of shadow-land, the dimmer their light became, and the greater the difficulty they had finding their light-within and rising along their individual vibratory ray, the ray of energy, the ray of light, which you refer to as their individual pathway.

They had come to a standstill. Their mission was not being accomplished, and so a decision was taken that a Christ Being, a Master, a Christed Being of great strength, great power, and great knowledge, should come upon your earth plane from the womb of a woman and demonstrate to all that all who are born of a woman could become their own true light. They can find their way back home.

And so the Christed Being birthed of a woman would enhance the feminine energy, enhance the power of the feminine energy. It would help, it would serve to show one and all that the feminine energy was a valid, peaceful, intuitive, and tranquil energy which if used correctly would balance the masculine so that the objective of incarnation and experience on this planet could proceed as planned, as intended.

The Star of Bethlehem as you have named it, as you call it, was a brilliant outpouring of feminine energy designed to empower the feminine, the females of this earth and also to penetrate those of the masculine, to blunt the sharp point, the thrust, of the way that their energy was focused at that time.

The massive in-pouring of energy from the star that you call the Star of Bethlehem was to activate the corresponding feminine part of the masculine. Few were aware of this. Few were aware of this at that time. Few are aware of it at this time.

And so you see that was the true story behind the Star of Bethlehem.

For those of you who enjoy history, and for the scholars who go back in time and study your history you will see a very, very, plain and significant plan easily identified because at that very point in time when the representative of the Christ energy was birthed it provided an apex, shall we say an explosive apex, of feminine energy which forever changed your planet.

From that point on the female energies became more advanced, more assertive, they stood up, they came out to show their face. They came out to show what they stood for. They came out to show what the application of the female aspect of energy could do to help enlighten and advance not just your planet but the journey, the homeward journey of all of those souls incarnate at that time, and all those who would incarnate in later times, those who would follow afterwards.

Today we still see the feminine energy maintaining their struggle for equality, to achieve their rightful equality. It is necessary for the masculine energy to shift more towards the centre shall we say. Those in the masculine stream are now prompted to harmoniously balance both energies.

Now I don’t say that we should have the masculine on the one hand and the feminine on the other like the scales of justice and in equal portions of each energy, of each gender. No, you see we must have a blending; a blending of the masculine and feminine so that the totality of your energy is a composition of equal parts of both energies. And so unbeknownst to the far greater majority of the people on earth at this time we are streaming a great concentration of the feminine energy to your planet and everything upon it. Because when we direct a more powerful, a more intense stream of energy it is absorbed by every thing on your earth plane both animate and inanimate.

It is a comprehensive energy that encompasses all.

And so earlier this evening we had our channel wondering at the flow of energy that was emanating from his hand on the feminine side of his being-ness.

Ha, haa, that was a little stream of the feminine energy that he had chosen might I add, chosen, to radiate. And we will radiate more regularly, more powerfully, and yet more subtly to all and sundry wherever you may be.

And so dear ones with the coming of what you would term the new energy, the changed energy, the energy of change, the energy that prompts change, the energy that is driving change, know that much of the power behind the drive of that energy is the feminine.

The Mother shall stand equally with the Father.

The Mother Father Creator”.

“Good evening”………….


Several minutes later……

”Good evening my dear children”,

“I have come to tell you that this influence, the influence that will be ongoing, is that of I, Kwan Yin. I will be the one responsible for the ongoing application and the outpouring of the compassion and the love content of the feminine aspect, the feminine energy that this channel will employ and display.

It was with his acceptance and his allowance that I come and will continue to come to continue to work with and expand this channel. There is much to be done yet, there is so much yet to be done before we can merge smoothly, gently, and become one.

We do much work together; together we work towards the goal of being one with the light, in the light, of the light, one body of light, not specifically one energy, but just to become one light. Because you see we are of different energies and will remain so. However the gentle blending of our energies will expand the light, it will assist and help us to become that one light force that knows no perimeters, no parameters. It has no shape, it has no form, it is purely light.

So we will continue in this manner of blending and becoming one light.”

“Good night.”

Kwan Yin

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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