The Living Matrix

I recently came back from London where I participated in a conference called the Science of Healing.

It was a mind blowing conference focused on the meeting of science and healing and the bridges that are being created. From a healer’s perspective it opened up a whole new way of seeing and understanding healing and how it is and will become more mainstream and provided a new point of view, enhanced by science, which now acknowledges the Field. There were some amazing scientists and researchers, most of them well known in their relative fields.

The conference started with the premiere of the new film The Living Matrix which focuses on the Field. What the Field is, is discussed in detail in the film. Many of you will have heard of Lynne McTaggart who wrote the book The Field and also The Intention Experiment. Lynne was one of the main presenters and also gave a workshop. The film is now available through the internet.

At the conference there were presentations from eight of the speakers in the film. And on the last day there were individual workshops. I came away with a much deeper sense of what The Field is and how we can participate and connect to it. The film gives a deep sense of this. I bought the DVD and each time I watch it, I can feel and sense the Field much clearer and closer and am seeing already how that connection can enhance my life and work. This is nothing new, Maharishi Mahash Yogi called it the Unified Field, Lynne McTaggart calls it the Zero point Field, others call it the Zone. But it’s the awareness of how you connect to the Field, the realization of the oneness that is important, the experience is beyond words.

One of the reasons I wanted to share this is that when you truly understand your connection to the Field and realize that everything is there, within reach, the significance of this is enormous, especially during these difficult times when so many people are losing their jobs and homes and fear is rampant. The Field is a Field of Information, which when you are quiet, still and focused enough, all information can be accessed, because everything is there. When you still the chatter of the mind, and release all fears, doubts and interference, whatever you want to know can be revealed, the information is there to be drawn upon. I have always seen this working in my life, but now somehow it has become more conscious, like the veils have been taken away or the depth of understanding has increased. When you work consciously every day with the Field, you put yourself in the flow of the Divine Presence which is everywhere and knows no boundaries or limitations.

Love, light and blessings Maggie

Source/Submitted by: Living with Vision is published by Maggie Erotokritou ©2007 All Rights Reserved.

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