Aranuth Speaks to assist with the Ascension of Souls …. 26th March 09

Hello friends and Lightworkers everywhere.

You can’t help but be aware of the almost incredible changes taking place across our planet not just daily but hour by hour. I find it fascinating to be the interested observer just watching the changes unfold. As the Chinese say “we live in interesting times”.

In response to a request from people who reside in a nearby town to schedule a channelling session in their locale, Aranuth obliged once more with his usual pragmatic style of imparting advice, guidance, and information. It is becoming more evident that he tailors his messages to suit the audience.

Below is the message that he gave:


Ah, haa, haa, haa, ha…ohh, ah haa, (Aranuth laughs and claps gleefully)

Good evening dear souls. It so wonderful to see you all here; this is by far the largest audience that we have had ….mmnnn… well at least presently in this incarnation….hmnn, ah, ha, haa, welcome again. Welcome to the house of light, and what beautiful light it is; and what a wonderful place in the rainforest with the creek flowing nearby. Beautiful, it’s beautiful. Hmnn, ahh, haa, haa.

The subject for this evening will be one-ness. Now this is a very, very important subject and if you will, I would like you to pay special attention to the words that I speak because one-ness is everything; absolutely everything.

There has been ….hmnnn…some consideration, conversation, and discussion over the last few days here in your land and over the seas by one who has posed the question: Am I interconnected with the Kryon energy…Hmmmnn. Let me clarify this for one moment. The Kryon energy is simply an energy. Now energy does not have an individual identity. Energy is everywhere; it is everything, it cannot be separated, it cannot be divided, and cannot be ….ahhh….you cannot define what energy is in a context of separation. Now when I speak of separation I do not speak of individuality of energy on this earth, on this planet here. Souls incarnate tend to have this …err…propensity shall we say, souls incarnate have the propensity to individualise everything. So everyone is an individual, everyone has a different body and everyone has a different name. So souls incarnate use this process to differentiate one from the other. Now let me tell you with energy it is a totally different matter. It is a totally different matter!

Energy is all part of the one-ness and the one-ness is the All. Now even though you are individuals and you see yourselves as separate, you are not. You are most definitely not.

How can you be energy and be separated from the energy? You are energy! That is all it is; energy! And so for ease of your understanding when my Brothers and I, Brothers of the Light, when we come forth to speak with you, you require us to give you a label, a name. We are energy yet you would like us to have a name so that you can distinguish one light-being from the other like you distinguish one human being from the other.

Dear souls, you really need to get past that. You really need to give some consideration to that and get past that. Believe me, getting past that adds greatly to your development, to your understanding.

One-ness….hmnn…..where I am everything is one: we are all part of the one-ness of everything; we are all part of the All. You have heard that saying “not even a sparrow falls to earth without my father knowing”…that is because when a ripple goes out across the energy field of One-ness it is registered and affects everyone and every thing because everything is a part of the One-ness and of course One-ness is affected by everything.

What I would like you to consider is the fact that in this incarnation, and in previous incarnations, and in successive incarnations you will find yourself, differentiate yourself from others by being given a name. Now then, I would like you to consider this; to what does a name apply? It applies to a physical embodiment. It does not apply to the energy, the energy being that inhabits that embodiment, that is within that embodiment.

Now if you will think about this, in every incarnation…and you have had many….you have had a great number of incarnations and most of you will have a great number more. In each incarnation you have a name: at the end of that incarnation you drop this body, you step out of this physical: you leave the physical behind….and you leave the name behind too. That name does not carry forth and into the next incarnation. The name falls to the earth accompanied by the physical body. With every individual incarnation that you have you will have an individual name that only applies to that body.

So… ah haa, haa, haa, ….if you have had several hundred incarnations, several hundred embodiments, then you must have had several hundred names.

So I use this as an instance to demonstrate to you that the name means absolutely nothing. You, you the energy being that you are is eternal, you are eternal, there is not an end, there is never an end. There is an end to the third-dimensional physical embodiment and the accoutrements so when you drop this body, when you step out of this body you go forth as the beautiful light-being that are. You are not capable of seeing the beautiful light-body that you are just yet. When you go forward as a beautiful light-being, when you have totally discarded this body and the trappings that go with it you also have discarded the name. And let me tell you that you do not regret that.

You are more than happy to step out, to step away, and then you progress.

So having said that you now can think again on energy.

Perhaps let me give you a simple explanation that you may easily absorb, that is energy.

Energy is sound, it is colour, it is light, it is vibration; it is everything. What is the substance of energy? Energy is the substance itself! Energy does not have substance; it is substance.

So what are we? We are energy: what do we respond to? We respond to vibrations. What are the vibrations? They are the vibrations of the light, of colour, of sound; they are the vibrations of everything, they are composed of all of these things.

Light is the total accumulation of the light, the sound, the colour, the vibration; the total accumulation and aggregation of all of that is light. What is light? Light is Love! Love is Light! What are you? Not this physical being! You are energy: you are Light; you are Love. You are beautiful!

You are beautiful beyond comparison and yet you do not know it!

You can read about it: you can talk about; you can listen about it, but do you know it? Do…you…know…it?

Something for you to ponder Hmmnn?

When you drop your body, when you drop the physical, when you step out of this physical incarnation you move immediately back into your energy being-ness. Your energy being-ness will then go to a realm, a level, commensurate with your vibration.

Now with these vibrations, when you are in the world of spirit, these vibrations are not clearly underlined, or partitioned, or separated. It is all one: and there are graduations of the one. Shall we use the analogy of a pool? The depths of the pool has no partitions or separations and yet you can swim through all of these differing levels and you are still immersed in the one pond of energy. You are still occupying that space, that level, which is not partitioned, there is no division of the waters; there is no separation because there is never any separation. Separation is a human thing, a human construct.

So when you get into this pool of energy; you get into spirit…and you do not necessarily have to pass over to get into that vibratory pool of energy, into spirit world… because you can do that very, very, simply. You can do that in your sleep state: you can do that in your dream state; and you can do it in your meditative contemplative state….and you surely do it regularly.

You would be surprised; you would be very surprised if you knew how often you step out of your body and visit different vibratory levels. Now when I say visit different vibratory levels I mean visit the vibratory levels that are within the parameters of your own higher or lower vibrations.

Now there are some levels that you cannot get access to simply because your vibratory signature does not gel, is not compatible, or will mix with the level that you desire to visit.

Now when you go into these altered states: when you go into these sleep states, dream states, meditation states, all of them: when you go into any or all of these altered vibratory states you visit levels that you are allowed to operate in so that you can learn, and learn by experiencing what these levels have to offer in the way of advancement and enlightenment.

Now, having said that there are no partitions or separations; let me tell you this; beings such as I and my Brothers and Sisters in the Light who choose to come down here and temporarily become embodied by assuming the physicality of my medium here to deliver a message to you. We come down through that energy All-ness, the One-ness, the All-ness; we come down through those vibratory levels in a similar manner as your divers would dive into a pool and swim down to a specific level, a lower depth.

We of the higher vibratory realms have that capability to penetrate and transit those levels. And let me tell you that your scientists have never yet invented a machine that can allow them to visit those vibratory realms.

Because of our energy level, because of the fine-ness of our compatibility, a laser-like ability to penetrate all of these individual vibratory levels and realms, we can come down to this level with relative ease. Now that does not apply to all of my Brothers and Sisters in the Light because some have attained a level of advancement that prohibits them from coming below a certain level without endangering themselves. And when I say ‘themselves’ I use that word so that you can differentiate one from another. They are energy: they are an aspect of the energy; they are never separate from the energy, they are aspects of energy, we are all one in the energy.

It is not my intention to make any of this difficult to understand. I do attempt to explain all of these things on an energy level that you now occupy and can understand or can raise yourself up to understand.

So when we come back to One-ness: without separation you can have aspects; aspects that are continually altering and changing. It does not matter what level that vibratory being-ness is at. The aspect of energy that they are is in a continual state of evolution: and so are you because you are part of the All-ness; you are part of the One-ness.

Now that we have worked our way up through these…hmnnn…shall we say ‘lower levels’ of understanding I can take you a little bit further with your understanding.

You have all heard people talk about aspects of this energy, aspects of that energy. True; there are many, many, aspects of energy. The energy does not belong to any one soul or any one entity; when we talk about aspects of a certain being-ness we are not talking of separation or division. We are simply talking of ‘that’ particular being-ness. That energy….ahh, ha, ha, ha …which is ….part of the One-ness!

So we have come around the full circle already haven’t we?

One-ness; what do you do to attain one-ness with the All, with everything…. Hmmnnn?

Well then, you have to recognise that you are not this physical being; you are not this being, this physical vehicle. So then what is the next thing that you should look at? The energy that you truly are! Do feel separate? Oh yes you do. Oh yes you certainly do.

Now that is not a criticism. You do. You feel separate: you feel separated from your guides; from the energy; you feel separated from the Masters, you feel separated from the Elohim and the Archangels, you feel separated from the Brotherhood of Light.

That is an erroneous perception! That is erroneous! You are not separate: you are part of them; part of their energy, and they are a part of you. You and they are part of the One-ness, the All-ness. You are the One-ness! You are the All-ness!

Please dear souls stop thinking of your self as this separate human embodiment. Because if you think along those lines, that you are a separate human body: then that will become your anchor; and the anchor will hold you firmly here on this third dimension. Maybe a fraction lower: maybe a fraction higher; that way of thinking, that perception becomes your belief and anchors you here. So eliminate that belief and install the true belief, which is the truth: the truth is ….you are the One-ness: you are the All-ness; that is what you are.

Every thought, every word, every deed, goes out there into the field: the unified field; the field of All. If you could go out there and have a look at it; it looks like billions of pieces of space junk. That junk is your thoughts. That junk is your mind constructs: that junk is your thought creations, your beliefs. And when you pay attention to your own erroneous beliefs you multiply the volume and potency of your thoughts which then becomes more unified field ‘space junk’. That’s okay.

The field of All was created to trap all of that. Did you know that? Did you know that? The field of All is shall we say a gigantic bubble which contains all of those thought-forms; and added to that it prevents the negative thought-forms from going any higher. By the very nature of their hateful, negative, aggressive, fear generated thoughts, perceptions, words, deeds, and mind constructs; by their very nature they are heavy and are confined to the lower realms because once again it is like the ocean; if you put something heavy in there it will sink to the bottom, it will never rise. So that this invisible shield, this field-of-All bubble will prevent these things rising up to higher levels.

All of the old Masters, all of the old Yogis, all of the Great Beings of Light and Love who have walked this earth; they all came to encourage souls incarnate go within, to spend time within, to contemplate and consider. They urged you to go into that quiet space and ask the question “Who am I”? “What am I”? “How do I access the higher realms”?

Well, it’s simple. You access the higher realms by intently focusing your attention, intention, and energy upon your higher ideals, your higher virtues, your higher values.

Think not ill of another: speak not ill of another; because you were once that. Maybe some of you are still that. I’m not here to stand in judgement: I do not have judgement; judgement is part of the lower realms and it should remain there.

Be without judgement: send only Love and Light, understanding, compassion and tolerance to your fellow human beings. Step out of your physical body and walk in the rarified atmosphere of higher vibratory realms. And you can do that! Make that your focus of attention. Make that your focus. You have heard the saying “walk and talk with the Angels”. That’s what we are telling you to do. You do it in your sleep state: and in your dream state; and in your meditative state, you do it in all of your altered states. And when you return to this world of solid matter you draw the curtain of amnesia back across and you have no conscious awareness of where you have been or what you have done.

Not that is wasted time or wasted effort because all of those things that you did when you went into that altered state remains with you. It has entered into your being-ness and at a later date you can call upon that: it will come to you; it will rise to the surface and you will feel it as intuition as long as you have the experience of it; don’t forget you have already experienced it once.

Now I am asking you to become aware of this level of expression of your being-ness: become aware of what it is like to walk and talk with Angels and Great Beings of Light and Masters. You can walk and talk and inter-act with them to gain knowledge and understanding which they will provide to you to assist your advancement and enlightenment so that you become Light.

What is enlightenment? It is en-lighten-ment; you are becoming lighter, higher, finer, you are becoming.

In a previous discussion quite recently I did speak about stepping out of the body. (Channelling 17th March 09) Those words are still available for those who wish to hear or read them. I would encourage you all to read and re-read them. Every moment, every fraction of every moment, even if it is only a tiny gap in your storm of worries and concerns of daily living, in that quiet moment go within. Take your being-ness out of the physical body and go into the higher realms; whichever level that you are not only compatible with but capable of accessing. Rise up…ha, ha, ha, ha,….Do you know that my Brothers and I often are amused at the way that the word ascension is bandied around. What is ascension? Going up: rising up; advancing and becoming more enlightened. Ascension is simply accessing and taking your being-ness into a higher and finer vibrating realm.

That’s what ascension is. Ascension is not a party trick.

Well now; how do you ascend? Well we have just been through all that. In every moment of your waking state take the opportunity to practice stepping out of the physical because it is the physical, the emotional, and the mental that anchors you to this dimension.

If you want to rise above this, and you want to go into higher and finer vibratory realms, step out of the body and leave all of that behind. Become the beautiful Light-being that you are: become that beautiful Light-energy; and not be just a part of the One-ness but become the One-ness. Be the One-ness with the guides and the Masters. Be the One-ness: walk and talk in and beauty; In Light and Love.

I strongly encourage you to go within, frequent the higher realms as often as you can, walk and talk with the Ascended Masters, Great Beings of Light, and your Guides who will surely assist you in your quest to become enlightened beings.

At this point in time I feel that that is the most effective assistance that I can give you.

It is sufficient for you to consider and process for the time being.

I thank you for having me here this evening; I AM honoured. I bless you all here present. (Aranuth holds up his hand in blessing)

I love you; I bless each and every one of you

I bid you good evening.


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