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Re-issue of a channelled message from Aranuth early last year, which still has relevance today

After some consideration and requests for guidance I thought that I would re-issue a channelled message from early last year which still has relevance today.

Some of you may have read it; most of you would not have, so rather than wait another two weeks before the next scheduled channelling I have decided to re-issue this one.


Hello friends,

This past week or ten days has been one of ongoing changes that have affected us all deep within our being-ness. It hasn’t been easy that’s for sure, but it has been very necessary.

Many people that I have spoken to recently have talked about various aspects of themselves, their physical, emotional, and mental selves, their personality and character traits. Every one of these aspects of ourselves is being brought to the surface for us to unfurl, examine, and acknowledge that what we see in the mirror of truth is precisely what we truly are …at this point in time. This allows us get a good look at what area of self that still requires attention…

Aranuth Speaks to assist with the Ascension of Souls …. 26th March 09

Hello friends and Lightworkers everywhere. You can’t help but be aware of the almost incredible changes taking place across our planet not just daily but hour by hour. I find it fascinating to be the interested observer just watching the changes unfold. As the Chinese say “we live in interesting times”.In response to a request from people who reside in a nearby town to schedule a channelling session in their locale, Aranuth obliged once more with his usual pragmatic style of imparting advice, guidance, and information. It is becoming more evident that he tailors his messages to suit the audience.Below is the message that he gave:
“Ah, haa, haa, haa, ha…ohh, ah haa, (Aranuth laughs and claps gleefully) Good evening dear souls. It so wonderful to see you all here; this is by far the largest audience that we have had ….mmnnn… well at least presently in this incarnation….hmnn, ah, ha, haa, welcome again. Welcome to the house of light, and what beautiful light it is; and what a won…

The Living Matrix

I recently came back from London where I participated in a conference called the Science of Healing.
It was a mind blowing conference focused on the meeting of science and healing and the bridges that are being created. From a healer’s perspective it opened up a whole new way of seeing and understanding healing and how it is and will become more mainstream and provided a new point of view, enhanced by science, which now acknowledges the Field. There were some amazing scientists and researchers, most of them well known in their relative fields.

The conference started with the premiere of the new film The Living Matrix which focuses on the Field. What the Field is, is discussed in detail in the film. Many of you will have heard of Lynne McTaggart who wrote the book The Field and also The Intention Experiment. Lynne was one of the main presenters and also gave a workshop. The film is now available through the internet.

At the conference there were presen…