Malcom Bell channels messages from Aranuth

Malcom Bell channels messages from Aranuth

Please welcome Malcom to SomethingToThinkAbout. Malcom receives regularly messages from Aranuth that will be published on our site.

Malcolm is a compassionate, sensitive, and experienced healer and medium of thirty years practice who continues to offer his services entirely free of charge to all who seek his help. Born during the Second World War into a rather dysfunctional family he was subjected to a range of life experiences that ran the whole gamut from tragic to magic.

Running away from home at age fourteen he worked with men, horses, dogs, and livestock on isolated Far Western Queensland (Australia) grazing properties and ‘on the road’ with drovers overlanding livestock from railhead to remote grazing properties. It was during this period that he came to discover that he not only had an affinity with animals, but became aware of his latent healing abilities.

It was during his mid-twenties that he met and married a young woman and together they raised two daughters. Over the following fifteen years his unusual abilities lay dormant and undeveloped while his wife and himself set about consolidating their marriage and establishing a loving and secure family environment to raise their children.

At the urging of a close friend he attended a Spiritualist Church meeting where he was befriended by a visiting clairaudient medium who took it upon herself to mentor and advise him in the development and expression of his healing abilities and regularly channelled advice and guidance from his personal guides.

Following on from that, in an unforseen twist of fate that bordered on the incredible, he was guided to meet a renowned international medium who was living close by in anonymous retirement and with her guidance developed greater expression of his psychic abilities.

And so commenced his journey of soul re-discovery and spiritual development.

Over the following years he has continuously performed healing, counselling, channelling, and other associated services and was an invited guest speaker at various community service organisation meetings promoting care, assistance, and service to the disadvantaged within the community.

Upon attaining minimum retirement age he relocated to the relative obscurity of the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland where he busied himself with teaching QiGong exercise and healing programs, performing hands-on and distant healing, spirit operations, and writing.

Following a direct-voice discussion with his personal guide channelled through a fellow medium, and a middle-of-the-night visitation by Great Beings of Light, he was asked to give a solemn pledge that if given the opportunity to expand his channelling into full mediumship that he would stand strong and true and take the guides channelled messages to the people. In return both Malcolm, his wife, and family would be afforded maximum protection as provided for in their individual lesson plans.

Today Malcolm continues to be a conduit for the guides and of on-going service for the Beings of Light.

Who is Aranuth?

Aranuth is a relatively unknown and unheralded member of the "Brotherhood of Light" who along with his band of Brothers Asnar, Aranis, and Andronicus, have accepted a commission from the Supreme Council of the Brotherhood of Light to channel information, knowledge, and guidance that they regard as pertinent, beneficial, and immediately applicable to these times, to assist as many souls as possible to prepare themselves for their shift into a higher and finer vibrating of level existence.

One of Aranuth's often-stated mantras is "I shall bring you home"!

Aranuth is a compassionate, committed, and caring entity who delivers his messages in a practical and pragmatic manner interspersed with unexpected outbursts of laughter.

The content of each channelling appears to be composed of the combined knowledge and wisdom of his brothers and himself .

While Aranuth places little or no importance on individual physical or energy-being identity he has indicated that his favourite incarnation was that of a Druid-like being in ancient Mesopotamia. In that favoured physical expression he leaned more towards the study of universal truths, laws, and alchemy than spiritual dogma and doctrine.

Today Aranuth expresses his brand of practical and helpful teachings in an easy-to-understand manner through the mediumship of Malcolm. Currently Aranuth channels at a pre-arranged day and time and has given an undertaking that he will always respond and share knowledge, information, and advice when ever called upon to do so.

Aranuth's teachings now have an expanding readership that takes in many different countries around the globe.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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