Kryon - Public Channeling of July 2, 2008



- A Real Feeling
- The Feminine Energy of Shakti

I am the mother of the feminine energy. I am Shakti. I am what I am and work with Melek Metatron. Today I will open a field so that the feminine energies, the light rays of the universe can be brought here to you through the dimensions. You will absorb this feminine energy and bathe in it.

I am Shakti and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. These words which comprise the all-embracing love. The words which are characterized by the energy of truth and love. Today the feminine energies are brought to you. They are to go directly into your soul, to open you for the feeling of love and wideness, the feeling of freedom and powerfulness. Feminine energy is to show you what it can mean to feel a real feeling. The real feeling is not surrounded by a thick mass of energies from the thought structures which cross over to the emotional level from the mental level and often change your real, own feeling.

Open your heart and your soul. Sink into your soul. Often the feelings which you feel are energetic thoughts which stem from your mental spirit. They distort themselves and tug at you. Often you feel that the feeling is deceptive. You do not know whether you can trust this feeling. You try to find out with your mind whether your feeling is a real feeling. Often you then decide against your feeling and let your mind prevail. But how do you recognize a real feeling? A real feeling is like a song, like a sound, a realization, an inspiration. A real feeling cannot reach the mind. A real feeling which you feel lifts you up, lets you grow wings, carries you away from your thoughts, from your thought structure. A real feeling gives you contentedness, joy and confidence. A real feeling is the all-powerfulness in your soul.

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Source/Submitted by: Channeled by Sabine Sangitar, Medium -

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