Themes and Wesak Full Moon

Thank you so much for all your wonderful emails and responses, blessings and kind words. This is not the end of the journey but a transition into yet another stage, which has yet to reveal itself. For those who are interested, the themes for the rest of the year are listed at the bottom.

And thank you for so many of you for expressing your deeper thoughts and appreciation of my work and especially your comments on my new book, Seeds of Transformation, A 52 Step Journey towards Enlightenment. As you know it was a channeled book and the wisdom just flowed through day by day to be shared. After the book was completed, I saw a vision of the Seeds being scattered all over the world to assist in the awakening of consciousness and love and compassion and all the other qualities that are needed to transform global consciousness. So if it feels right for you, please assist me in this process of sharing the Seeds with those you encounter or feel might benefit from the process.

Today is Full Moon, the Wesak Full Moon, which is very important in the East It is said that each year, at the moment of this Full Moon, the Buddha appears over Mount Kailash in southwestern Tibet, blessing the pilgrims and those who hold the light there and all who meditate upon this place at this time. It is especially important this year as the Tibetans need our support and light at this particular time. I was in Tibet a few years ago, and was so aware of the suppression and the courage of the Tibetan people who suffer many hardships under their present circumstances.

At Wesak, it is said that the veils between the dimensions become thinner, making the Buddhic energies of enlightenment available to those who open their consciousness to receive them. In meditation, breathe in the Divine energies of Love at this time, and let them fill every cell of your body and then radiate them out.

Also a reminder that April 22nd is Earth Day and their will be global events to celebrate it.

Earth Day Calendar

Earth Day Worldwide Events

Archetypal Themes

Remember each new theme begins at the New Moon of that month and continues through until the Next New Moon. The most important days to tune in and reflect are on the New Moon and Full Moon. Lightworkers all around the world connect and align with these themes on these days. Also that each of us has the ability to transform our minds through accessing our higher consciousness by receiving information on each of these themes, and reflecting upon them in meditation so as to assist in the global transformation.

You can check the New and Full Moon dates and times at this link and other sites on google.

April Political Organizers
May Workers in the Field of Religion
June Scientific Servers
July Psychologists
August Economists and Financers
September Creative Workers
October Environmentalists
November Telepathic Communication
December Trained Observers

(the cycle begins again and you will see how you have gained more understanding then the first time you reflected and worked with this theme and continues.)

Love and light Maggie


Source/Submitted by: Living with Vision is published by Maggie Erotokritou ©2007 All Rights Reserved.

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