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As we continue to focus and hold the energy for global transformation and to investigate new ways of being and expression, we need to keep our minds and consciousness as open as possible so as to be aware of any personal bias and conditioning that don’t serve the higher good of all.

The political arena is certainly a challenging one worldwide. Everywhere we see old paradigms are crumbling as people demand and fight for their basic needs to be taken care of. There is chaos and confusion and there are breakthroughs and change is taking place. We see history repeating itself through the violation of human rights,
discrimination, poverty, political oppression and a lack of true freedom.

As we work both individually and collectively to help those who are less fortunate and destitute, we have to keep our eyes open to what is happening, and to be well informed but at the same time, we can also access a higher perspective, that can give us a clearer vision, which enables us to be more aware of how and where we can contribute and be more empowered in our actions.

Everything has a consequence, and the decisions taken by those in power have a tremendous far reaching influence, but these decisions can be affected by the thought forms and consciousness of the people. Eventually what the people want collectively comes into being. We have to be careful of what we think about and listen carefully to what we and others say, and to see the intentions behind what is being said and whether the truth is being spoken or there are hidden agendas.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said “Let me be clear: when we stand up for human rights, combat poverty and marginalization, when we seek to resolve conflicts, support good governance and the rule of law, we do so because these activities have intrinsic value and should be pursued in their own right.”

How can we as individuals become political organizers that can make a difference, how can we contribute? How can we affect the consciousness of those around us through our own thoughts and actions? What does your own conscience tell you about what you see happening in the world and the part that you can play? These are important questions to reflect upon over the next month.

Remember the positive influence and impact on society that a group mind, which has the highest and clearest of intentions can have upon humanity. Hold the highest possible vision and help magnetize the future into being.

There is light and there is darkness, but as lightworkers we have to remember to focus on the light and to envision the world we want to bring into being.

To assist this process, read Seed 21 Intention, Seed 34 Integrity and Seed 37 Compassion from Seeds of Transformation, A 52 Step Journey towards Enlightenment

Love and light, Maggie

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