KRYON - Public Channeling of April 2, 2008


The Golden-Blue Light
The Blue and Golden Energy
Balancing of the Energies in all Systems

I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I greet the family of the golden-blue light with my immeasurable love, OMAR TA SATT.

When we whisper the words to the medium Sangitar we coat them, each single word, with an energetic pattern. When Kryon greets you in the name of the family of the golden-blue light, the word family lifts you up. It lets the blue energy pour into you more through the blueprint. With this word alone the energy, your life energy, is strengthened and gives you power and confidence. The more the blue energy circulates through all your bodies, the more you have the feeling of home for it is your original energy, the golden-blue light. Two frequencies which flow through your blueprint as a living substance through all your bodies.

There is a total of 144 different color frequencies which are incarnated in the duality on different planets, as great light in a human body. You are endowed with the energy of the golden-blue light. Once, when the planets moved away from the magnetic lines of the divine field and fell so low into the depths, great lights of a certain frequency were needed who agreed to go to Lemuria. They were endowed and characterized with a very particular energy pattern which showed itself as the color blue. Only very much later you assumed a physical body. But in you golden light also circulates. It is the light of the great might. Both together generate the energy which you can feel at a fusion: Your original energy. It shows you where you come from and who you are. Try to imagine, whether as flame or as sphere, how these two colors circulate in all your centers and in all your bodies. They are, if there has been a fusion, interwoven with each other. But one can clearly see that they are two color rays which send out certain sounds. In this color ray, in conjunction with the high golden ray, everything is stored. On the one hand is stored what you as old soul have already experienced, and on the other hand your whole energetic pattern is stored.

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Source/Submitted by: Channeled by Sabine Sangitar, Medium -

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