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KRYON - Public Channeling of April 2, 2008


The Golden-Blue Light
The Blue and Golden Energy
Balancing of the Energies in all Systems

I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I greet the family of the golden-blue light with my immeasurable love, OMAR TA SATT.

When we whisper the words to the medium Sangitar we coat them, each single word, with an energetic pattern. When Kryon greets you in the name of the family of the golden-blue light, the word family lifts you up. It lets the blue energy pour into you more through the blueprint. With this word alone the energy, your life energy, is strengthened and gives you power and confidence. The more the blue energy circulates through all your bodies, the more you have the feeling of home for it is your original energy, the golden-blue light. Two frequencies which flow through your blueprint as a living substance through all your bodies.

There is a total of 144 different color frequencies which are incarnated in the duality on different planets, as great light in a human body. You a…

Themes and Wesak Full Moon

Thank you so much for all your wonderful emails and responses, blessings and kind words. This is not the end of the journey but a transition into yet another stage, which has yet to reveal itself. For those who are interested, the themes for the rest of the year are listed at the bottom.
And thank you for so many of you for expressing your deeper thoughts and appreciation of my work and especially your comments on my new book, Seeds of Transformation, A 52 Step Journey towards Enlightenment. As you know it was a channeled book and the wisdom just flowed through day by day to be shared. After the book was completed, I saw a vision of the Seeds being scattered all over the world to assist in the awakening of consciousness and love and compassion and all the other qualities that are needed to transform global consciousness. So if it feels right for you, please assist me in this process of sharing the Seeds with those you encounter or feel might benefit from the process.

Today is Full Moon,…

Political Organizers

New Moon 6 April 3.55 Full Moon 20 April 10.25 GMT
Begin the new focus at New Moon and Deepen into the Full Moon

As we continue to focus and hold the energy for global transformation and to investigate new ways of being and expression, we need to keep our minds and consciousness as open as possible so as to be aware of any personal bias and conditioning that don’t serve the higher good of all.

The political arena is certainly a challenging one worldwide. Everywhere we see old paradigms are crumbling as people demand and fight for their basic needs to be taken care of. There is chaos and confusion and there are breakthroughs and change is taking place. We see history repeating itself through the violation of human rights,
discrimination, poverty, political oppression and a lack of true freedom.

As we work both individually and collectively to help those who are less fortunate and destitute, we have to keep our eyes open to what is happening, and to be well informed but at the same time, we …