Educators for the New Age

New Moon 7th March 17.14 --- Full Moon 21st March 18.40 GMT

Education is a vast and expansive field, which draws upon the wisdom and knowledge from a huge array of subjects. In its true sense, education should facilitate the full realization of the potential of an individual. In order for this to be achieved both theoretical and experiential exploration are needed as well as the full development and synthesis of the left and right sides of the brain. Also the understanding of the importance of the development of consciousness and how that can benefit humanity in this new unfolding age.

As educators for the New Age, we need to look firstly at how we are educating ourselves and see this as an ongoing, lifetime process and then how we can assist in the development of a new kind of education that will inspire and uplift those around us and especially the younger people of the world.

In holding the vision to create a new world, we need to build a new energy matrix. We see that an important part of this matrix needs to be the spiritual development of the individual yet this is one of the most neglected aspects of education. Everyone should have the freedom to explore without the restricted and limited thinking that have been imposed by societal, cultural and religious bias. As the global consciousness opens and becomes freer, this allows us to move to the next level of education and to rise above and look beyond the limited mind.

New educational tools such as higher mind development and the refining of creative aspirations and influences can give birth to new ideas and ways of teaching, which will affect the overall cosmic design and create a new foundation to work with. This needs constant refinement in order for new models of reality to evolve. This is the possible new world, which together we can consciously dream into being.

Please share your ideas and feedback of what stirs in your consciousness as you reflect upon being an Educator in the New Age.

Love and light Maggie

Author of Seeds of Transformation, A 52 Step Journey towards Enlightenment.

Source/Submitted by: Living with Vision is published by Maggie Erotokritou ©2007 - All Rights Reserved.

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