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Show Respect ...

“Show respect for anything older than you, show compassion for anyone who has less than you, leave all that you touch clean and pure, put in as much as you take out, keep the door to your heart unlocked, and always remember who brought you into this world.”
Many, many light years ago he traveled the universe enjoying all that he had created. He found beauty in everything and felt love in all that existed. Yet something was missing and then he saw her in a dream.

She was so exquisite and so delicate. She exuded energy, and healed all that she held. Her colors were like none he had ever seen. Her passion was so deep and alluring he knew he had to have her in his life. For the next seven days he worked on his masterpiece duplicating what he saw in his dream. Every detail sprang forth from his fingertips as if it were a part of him. When she was finished he knew he had only to breath life into her and she would be his forever.

Sitting there he pulled all his energy to the center of his being…

Educators for the New Age

New Moon 7th March 17.14 --- Full Moon 21st March 18.40 GMT
Education is a vast and expansive field, which draws upon the wisdom and knowledge from a huge array of subjects. In its true sense, education should facilitate the full realization of the potential of an individual. In order for this to be achieved both theoretical and experiential exploration are needed as well as the full development and synthesis of the left and right sides of the brain. Also the understanding of the importance of the development of consciousness and how that can benefit humanity in this new unfolding age.

As educators for the New Age, we need to look firstly at how we are educating ourselves and see this as an ongoing, lifetime process and then how we can assist in the development of a new kind of education that will inspire and uplift those around us and especially the younger people of the world.

In holding the vision to create a new world, we need to build a new energy matrix. We see that an important p…