Going Deeper – New Beginnings January 9th 2008

Firstly I want to wish you all a wonderful New Year and hope it has started well and also I hope you have given some conscious attention to the vision that you want to create and live this year. We are certainly moving into a new phase, things are speeding up, there is a need to be much more alert and taking quiet time for oneself during meditation is an essential way of nourishing oneself.

In the last email that I sent out before the close of the year, I had said I was going to take some time out and reflect on where I needed to go from here regarding the newsletters and postings. I thought that might be a couple of weeks or months, but as usual the universe didn’t give me too much space and then gave me another strong nudge and indication of the new work to be embarked on which I am going to share with you.

Firstly I think it’s important for me to reflect back in time to what has gone before that has laid the foundations of what is yet to come, and the new way of working. About 15 years ago I had a vision on Christmas day, which was very clear. I was shown a web of the universe and scattered throughout the universe were tiny dots of light, there were tiny silver threads linking up these lights. Then as I watched, more and more lights switched on, creating more connections and certain matrixes of light were also formed.

Out of this came the direction to begin The Women’s Spiritual Network (I know some of you on this list have been with me since then) then after many men asked to join it became The Global Spiritual Network and then I was also asked to take over PAN, the Planetary Awakening Network, which had over 300 networks all over the planet. Then eventually the time came to let all of that go, I felt many other people were doing similar work, and so it no longer needed my energy in that way. And then the Seeds and the Living with Vision work came into being.

The Seeds of Transformation have been so life transforming for me, as you know it was a channeled book, and every day I continue to gain more clarity from it and so will make references to it throughout the work where it feels right. And thank you to those of you who have sent me such beautiful feedback on the work of the Seeds.

A few years ago I was asked to participate in a group of lightworkers that work on the higher realms to hold the vision for the upliftment of the consciousness of humanity. We have not met on the physical plane, but connect through meditation and through journal writing a few times a year. This work has 12 facets, or 12 archetypes. As we work consciously with these archetypes, we can make changes both for ourselves and globally in ways we might not otherwise have deemed possible. It was out of this work that the book on the Seeds was born.

Then recently and unexpectedly I was told to start a group on the physical realm exploring the work of the 12 Seed archetypes and also to share this work with those of the network. If this work resonates with you, then please pass it onto friends who you think might be interested. It is deep spiritual work, which can often be challenging but also so rewarding. It is based upon esoteric teachings, which give importance to the cycles of the moon as a way of bringing the different groups around the world together. This is another aspect of the esoteric work. Each new thought form or archetype to be worked with begins at the time of the new moon, and goes the full cycle to the next new moon. We have decided to have meetings here in Cyprus on both the new moon, the beginning of each cycle, and then again at the full moon when the energy is at its strongest.

Last night we had our first group working with the first archetype for the New Year, which is a wonderful way of beginning the year. I invite you to join us in these sessions even though you may live far away, distance doesn’t matter in cosmic work, the connections can be easily made. In the following email, I will send you more information on how to work with the first archetype of this year. I look forward to this new sharing.

Love, light and blessings Maggie

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