Pushing Ultimates

"To be truly ignorant, be content with your own knowledge."

This dictum, attributed to Chuang Tzu circa 300 BC, is more relevant than ever today. Research gathered from various directions has shown far too many people remain content with a limited input of knowledge, relying on what they glean from mass media, formal education and church, without any idea that continuing philosophical inquiry is a significant aspect of inner growth. As the 21st century dawns, it has become apparent that authentic self- knowledge requires revelations from varied fields of research which would take years to accumulate. Is there a solution ? Yes.

Author, poet, artist, Lew Paz set out forty years ago to pursue a life of Zorba the Greek adventure merged with Socratic questioning of all knowledges, which developed into a spiritual quest of the most compelling sort. After four decades of hard road travel over half the earth, including countless sunup to sunset days in libraries great and small, deeply delving for truth and wisdom, Paz spent seven years condensing his accumulation of knowledge into one truly informative work, Pushing Ultimates. This book was not only chosen as Book of the Month by the prestigious Midwest Review, it was also used in the Philosophy curriculum at Sonoma State University, and is gradually being internationally recognized for it's original approach to the ultimate questions concerning the human situation. In fact, it has just been accepted for distribution in the UK by Gazelle Books, one of the most well-known distributors in Western Europe.

Pushing Ultimates is a challenging, enriching journey, encompassing the evolution of consciousness, while skillfully weaving mysticism, theology, psychology, philosophy, quantum physics, neurology, music, art, into meaningful and relevant patterns of clarification. Throughout this amazing odyssey, Paz never loses sight of the central theme–the endeavor to realize bottom line truths concerning our place amid the wild wonder of it all, and he accomplishes this without succumbing to New Age credulity or sterile scientific skepticism. His book skillfully condenses the essential elements of all vital fields of knowledge into 400 clarifying pages. Every person truly concerned with the essence of philosophical inquiry and spiritual growth should have a copy close at hand.

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