Venus Retrograde in 2007

What could possibly happen when she turns her back at us? Sweet Venus… planet of love, beauty, affection, sensuality, romance, and everything delicious!

From our Earth point of view her regular cruise speed appears to slow down now - we call it "pre-retrograde". Here are the dates for the cycle in question:

* Venus pre-retrograde: June 23rd to July 27th, 2007
* Venus retrograde: July 27th to September 8th, 2007
* Venus post-retrograde: September 8th to October 12th, 2007

Venus and "big boss" Saturn on a date

"It was late at night and the rain was beating loudly upon the windows. That's when she finally accepted to embrace the challenging responsibility handed to her a few days prior." Sounds like a novel, doesn't it? Well… Saturn and Venus have met at 27 degrees Leo on July 1st, 2007. This event is most significant because they'll continue "dating" until well into the month of October, this year. It is quite unusual since Venus and Saturn usually visit only for a day, once a year.

Let's imagine that Venus is a maiden and Saturn a mature man. Leo is a sign of prestige and stardom, of showbiz and drama, of youth and children. Saturn is a bit restricted in the sign because it doesn't have the natural glow required but it does have the practical drive allowing benefiting from the situation though. A good metaphor for Venus-Saturn's date would be that a mature widower having children and status is asking the maiden to marry him. In return she'll get respect, wealth, a higher status in the world, a good reputation, and stability but she'll have to sacrifice the dreams and fantasies pertaining to her youth. It is reminiscent of the Beauty and the Beast story. The Beast turns out to be anything but a monster and Beauty's sacrifice happens to be quite rewarding.

This "date" occurred when Venus appeared to be slowing down. This means that she was losing some of her power and, for all of us, anything Venusian acquired or started during such a time will also lose in value or success. Now, it is in such a time that Saturn picks her up and, perhaps, their alliance could benefit to both - and to all of us as well providing that we too accept some restrictions in order to salvage the long term survival of desired conditions.

Another metaphor for this "date" could go like so… In the case of Venus-money and Saturn-employer, we could imagine that a business' profit is dangerously slowing down. They'll offer their employees a temporary lower salary in order to maintain a lasting job. If they'd refuse it would mean that the enterprise would close down in weeks, perhaps.

On a Venus-Saturn date… one must give something to get something! A re-empowerment of momentarily uncertain situations is definitely possible since the "big date" occurred while the two planets were on a very positive conversation with Pluto. Indeed Pluto in Sagittarius is still aligned with the galactic centre and channels cosmic encoding bringing further our planetary evolution. The level of the coming changes seems so embryonic that it is almost impossible to embrace its full meaning. One must remain much centered; go with the flow with attention, grace and detachment. All will be revealed within and nowhere else.

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