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The Points of Power website is dedicated to all Light/Energy Workers across the globe... the TRUE and REAL unsung heroes who, through the long, lonely and extremely difficult work of transmuting energies, have changed not only planet Earth, but All-That-Is throughout ALL dimensions.

There simply has never been a time where so few have done so much for so many.

The simplest and shortest ethical precept
is to be served by others as little as possible,
and to serve others as much as possible.
~ Tolstoy

So true, and right now more so than ever. But the big question is...
Just who is going to do all the serving now that the planet has moved to a higher vibration and a New Energy?
Who is going to serve a far more spiritually aware and discerning humanity - all the millions who are now awakening from the age-old illusion of duality?

Indeed, things have changed - momentously and unprecedentedly.
The Earth's eon-old fundamental resonance of 7.8Hz has now risen to 11Hz plus - and is still rising.

Global weather patterns along with all forms of 'natural disasters' - the planet's own internal weather, are now becoming more and more unpredictable and untimely than ever before in recorded history.

They are now sheepishly discovering, among other things, that the universe is considerably younger than its oldest stars, which doesn't support their theory of a singular creative 'bang'. ( And doesn't support the church at all whose very foundations are built on one creation ).

NASA scientists are now discovering that the Earth's magnetic field is inconstant, and is actually weaker now than it was last century.
Is this because the magnetic field has somehow been realigned to/for a changing human consciousness?

More and more traditional psychologists and psychiatrists as well as counselors, therapists and 'healers' are now at a loss with their clients and patients. Medical doctors are now having such a large number of unusual and undetermined symptoms reported by their patients that they're beginning to ask Lightworkers for their website addresses.

More and more people are now asking questions that their church and religious leaders just can't, or won't answer.
More and more people are now seeing right through all the hyped-up motivational speaker's ballyhoo.
More and more people are now becoming very disillusioned with their gurus - the flashy New Age kind and the eastern avatar alike.
All over the world, parents, educators and childcare workers (and celebrities too it seems) are observing new and unusual attributes, abilities and behavior in children.

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