El*An*Ra* was envisioned instantly: partly future-self creation with my own present-self divisions clearly shown and in the median, reconciled.

*I Bring Together, Within Myself, You*

This is also shown in the Libra depiction, as well as in Maat: Balance. Harmonization. Karmic Scales.

These webpages are presented as visual catalysts, in much the same way as crop-circles are, to stir the spirit and create a resonance. These are some images that have awakened and inspired a resonance within.

Art = Magick

This is beautifully illustrated in our celestial temple at night: The meeting of higher/lower-light/dark-yin/yang polarities in the constellation Orion: the three stars in Orion's belt the interconnection point. As above, so below: in the Great Pyramid, also an etheric double pyramid inverted below ground.

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Source/Submitted by: El*An*Ra*

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