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The term "Operation Terra" refers to both a body of information and an operational concept. The information is being telepathically transmitted to Sara Lyara Estes (aka Lyara) by a group of higher-density beings who refer to themselves as "The Hosts of Heaven." It comes to us as a series of Messages -- cosmic "lessons" from these celestial beings. The Messages are fully available at no charge on this site, and the first two volumes of the material have also been published in three softcover books, for those who prefer that format. Additional material is available in the Articles section of this site.

The concept of Operation Terra is one of assisting Planet Earth in her ascension to her next form -- the new Earth, Terra -- and the colonization of that new planet by a group of pioneers from the present planetary civilization who will undergo a personal, physical transformation along the way. The "op" is a cooperative venture between those who are on the ground (the "ground troops") and those who surround the planet on many levels of being.

The Hosts have indicated that we are living during a time when a major cosmic cycle will complete and result in an entirely new Creation, giving rise to the emergence of several different "future Earths," each of which occupies a different timeline and compartment of reality. Operation Terra focuses on the particular timeline that leads to Terra, which is only one of those "future Earths," and which is splitting off from the other possible destinations.

The number of people from Planet Earth who will end up on Terra is a little less than 1/10th of 1% of the present population, or approximately 6 million people. They have been created by their Oversouls to make this journey because that is what their Oversouls wish to experience through them.

It is not a matter of having earned anything or being more special than anyone else. The Oversoul simply creates its many projections within the context of the Creator's desires. The Creator desires to experience EVERYTHING, so the Oversouls serve the Creator by creating projections of everything that exists. ALL paths serve the Creator.

Operation Terra is only one tiny part of the larger drama, but it means everything to those who are part of it. These teachings from the Hosts speak to the core of their being and their soul. It is very common for people to weep when they first come across the material -- in both joy and relief to discover that they are not the only ones who know what they know. We are relatively few in number, and are widely scattered all over the world.

Operation Terra has a radically different view from most other sources of information, in that it clearly states that we are here to SUPPORT and allow the "earth changes" as a necessary part of the cleansing and ascension of the planet. In other words, we take the view that there is nothing to fix, nothing to stop, and nothing to pray for except an outcome that is in keeping with the highest good for all.

We, too, are being purged of all energy patterns that are not part of OUR essential self, as nothing of the "old world" can be taken with us into the new world that we will inhabit, and that requires US to embrace all that WE contain, without judging any of it as being outside of love.

On our particular timeline (one of several that exist simultaneously), we will witness the ending of the present Creation and all life on 3D Earth. Massive Earth changes will culminate in a Pole Shift that will leave the planet totally devoid of life. There are massive fleets of spacecraft arrayed around the planet to assist in this transition, so that all will arrive at the destination selected by their Oversouls.

In the separating out of the timelines from one another, many will appear to die, but in fact they will be continuing their lives on another timeline, in another reality, so all expressions will be provided for. The Hosts have given us a roadmap for OUR journey and told us how to deal with these times. Volume Three of the material will help guide us safely through the final phases, but we must also turn to each other for support and turn within ourselves for our answers. Our spiritual team is with us every step of the way, and we are never alone in this journey.

This is a journey of transformation of both consciousness and form. Everything on Terra will be exalted. Every atom will be consciously connected to the whole, and all will operate on a foundation of peace, love, and joy -- cooperation instead of competition, harmony instead of strife, and full, conscious, ECSTATIC communion with the Creator at all times.

Take your time and explore this site. Make use of the resources offered in ways that work for you. "Let go, let God [handle the details]" is the operative order of the day. Surrender IS the way through the chaos, and we simply need to bow our heads and let the winds and waves of change flow on past us. No one will be unaffected by what comes now, and no one will be lost.

Much love and many blessings,

June 2006

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