Make A Difference (Movie)

This story is about more than mere kindness; it's about the essence and the power that compassion offers all humanity.

Many of us cry every time we watch this movie. Perhaps it's because we wish we'd had someone in our lives who had shown us that compassion. Or maybe it reminds us of all the special people who have made a difference in our lives, and we cry with gratitude.

For most people, the problem with being compassionate is that we fear if we offer it we'll somehow be condoning and encouraging hurtful behavior. Yet, in a story like Teddy's, we can see right away how a life can be changed for the better, with changes lasting the span of a lifetime.

The real power of compassion is choosing it in the midst of difficult situations involving behaviors that we find upsetting and entirely off-putting. How can one be expected to be compassionate in the midst of fear.

How indeed? And yet this is what this story is all about. While it is fictional, it is most possible. From the letters I've received since the Make A Difference movie first appeared, I know that examples of profound compassion happen all the time, with people like you and me.

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