Long Distance Healing by Cristovao Brilho

At Cristovão Brilho Institute we can offer a distance healing session to anyone, anywhere in the world.

When you request a distance healing from Cristovão we can offer you the possibility of improving your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Cristovão Brilho is a Brazilian metaphysician, clairvoyant, medical intuitive, and a clairsentient, who has been working with energy for over 35 years. Currently between Cristovão’s private patients and absent healings Cristovão helps over 9,000 people per month.

Cristovão channels a medical doctor called Dr. Fyeer who has as his Cosmic Mission to develop healing techniques for the planet Earth.

Dr. Fyeer is a being of pure light who has never incarnated on the planet Earth. Dr. Fyeer has a staff of 4,000 doctors and he works exclusively on your energetic bodies.

Dr. Fyeer comes from a galaxy called Optia which is located in the 18th dimension. The act of distance healing involves a close and coherent exchange of healing energies. This divine energy promotes individual well being and inner peace thus maximizing the health of one’s own mind, body and spirit.

If you would like to experience this medicine of the future and also bring balance, peace and joy into your life just contact us.

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Source/Submitted by: http://www.myenergyhealing.com/

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