'Living with Vision' Newsletter - Issue #10

The Quest to Live Your Life with Vision

When you live your life with vision and come from your innermost truth, then this is naturally reflected in everything you say and do. As the visionary within you starts to awaken and steps forward, your life will unfold in the most beautiful and powerful way. Through discovering the power of visioning, and holding the most expansive vision for your life and for the whole of humanity, you set your life in a certain direction, which will bring you the most profound fulfillment.

The vision you hold at any given time is constantly evolving and expanding. The more conscious this process is, the deeper it will influence the choices and decisions you make. Then with every step you take, you can evaluate whether it is in alignment with your vision and higher purpose and deepest sense of self. When you are in alignment with what you want and work consciously with the laws of nature, the universe will give you every support and assistance for the manifestation of your desires.

The quest to live your life with vision enables you to do what you love to do, whilst fully enjoying the process of co-creating with the universe. As the conscious designer and architect of your life, you will draw to you that which feels natural and resonates fully within you. In this way you can live an extraordinary life, full of passion and potential as you free your creative spirit to reach for the sky and soar far beyond all limitations.

This is a healing journey that you can embark upon that will nurture your mind, body and spirit and allow you to express your full potential. As you learn to manifest your highest possible vision, you will expand your mind and consciousness and also expand every aspect of your life. Through intentional living, you can fulfill your dreams, goals and desires, and then your life will become an expression of who your really are at the core of your being.

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