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Mummy Of Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut Found

Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, sent out this announcement:

"On Wednesday (27/6/2007) at 11:00 a.m Culture Minster Farouk Housni and Dr. Zahi Hawass Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) will hold an International Conference at the Egyptian Museum in Tarir in Room 43 to announce the Identification of Hatshepsut's mummy .
Please come to attend the event at 10:00 am. at the Egyptian Museum in order to fix cameras and TV crews."

This is being called the most important discovery in the Valley of the Kings since King Tutankhamun.
Egyptologists have speculated for years that one of the mummies in a 1903 find was that of Queen Hatshepsut, ruler from between 1503 and 1482 BC, when Egypt was at its most powerful.

Quest for the Mummy of Hatshepsut, by Zahi Hawass

Egyptian kings have magic for all of us. But even more than kings, queens --- especially the great ones like Nefertiti and Cleopatra --- capture our im…

Make A Difference (Movie)

This story is about more than mere kindness; it's about the essence and the power that compassion offers all humanity.

Many of us cry every time we watch this movie. Perhaps it's because we wish we'd had someone in our lives who had shown us that compassion. Or maybe it reminds us of all the special people who have made a difference in our lives, and we cry with gratitude.

For most people, the problem with being compassionate is that we fear if we offer it we'll somehow be condoning and encouraging hurtful behavior. Yet, in a story like Teddy's, we can see right away how a life can be changed for the better, with changes lasting the span of a lifetime.

The real power of compassion is choosing it in the midst of difficult situations involving behaviors that we find upsetting and entirely off-putting. How can one be expected to be compassionate in the midst of fear.

How indeed? And yet this is what this story is all about. While it is fictional, it is most possible. From…

Wake Up 2007

Watch this video about the most beautiful Crop circles ...

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Building a Brighter Future

We read recently an article about Clarissa Pinkola Estes in Best Health & Wellbeing blog and found her editing Want to, a very interesteing, empowering website. Read here an excerpt about Building a Brighter Future.

Building a Brighter Future

The Current Situation

Together, we can and will build a brighter future. Yet in order to give meaningful suggestions for this, we first need to speak candidly about what's happening in the world at present. It appears that there are factions within the world's power elite which desire to exert as much control as possible over the world. Their primary means for establishing control are through promoting fear, secrecy, and polarization, and through distracting people from their deeper purpose in life. As these factions gain ever greater power and control, our freedoms and liberties are increasingly taken away, sometimes without our even realizing it.

Fear is used as a powerful tool of control by these factions of the global elite.…

Flute Medicine

Flute maker/musician Cynth and 7 time Grammy winner Roger Nichols joined forces to create a healing journey filled with the organic soulful sounds of bamboo flutes, voices and more, touching our ancient roots with heart & love.

Flute Medicine is excellent for massage, yoga, relaxation, traffic jams, the dentist's chair, enjoying the love and more. Bob Weiss, President of Around the World Music says, "No one in America is doing what she's doing. This CD is unique!"

The bamboo flute is a gift given to heal us, uplift us and accompany us into all of life's experiences. In a complicated world filled with pressures and demands, Flute Medicine mirrors simplicity, stillness, beauty and the sublime. As the breath breathes us, the wind of the flute invites us to feel our divine origins, the original message that lies within. I invite you to drift up and away on the incredible sounds of bamboo, the human voice, bowls, bells and natural percussion as I dedicate this to Yo…

06/21 - Global Unity Meditation

Global Unity Meditation : SOLSTICE June 21st 18:06GMT.
Download the free 60min HemiSynch Meditation here.

Dear Lightworkers,

Please take part in spreading this message far and wide. There are many different meditations, but none like this, and we are going to make this the largest group movement of its kind. We hope you will take part fully in this co-creation process. Thank you all.

Next Global Meditation : SOLSTICE June 21st 18:06GMT. Download the free 60min HemiSynch Meditation at and learn more about this Global Unity Meditation. If you like to download from this link you will have to log in or sign up prior to downloading.

A wise teacher once said, if humanity had the faith of a mustard seed, they could move mountains. Imagine 1 million minds and hearts united as one, for one cause, with one intent. Imagine 1 milion. Or to be exact, imagine 1,594,323 Lightworkers. This is real, and available to us all right now! Yes, at this time now, more than ever, …

Spiritual Cinema Circle

Your cinematic passport to a community of spiritual film.

It's the simple messages in a story that have the power to touch your soul, open your heart and move you forward on your personal journey. Rediscover compassionate storytelling with Spiritual Cinema Circle. We'll send you four uplifting and inspiring films every month that you can't find in theatres.

You can build a library of inspiring movies that are yours to keep --- you never have to return anything, so you can watch your favorites time and again.

Watch this short movie about 'Spiritual Cinema Cricle' below.

Continue here >>>

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Earthlog - June 2007

June 12th: Coping with the Body Electric...: I think it was American poet Walt Whitman who coined the term the "body electric" in his long poem, "Leaves of Grass". I vauguely remember Irene Cara singing about it in the movie called "Fame". Anyway, many people have written to me recently asking about how to cope with the increased electrical energy in the body. This ranges from new born babies with seizure problems, to adults having to take anti-epilepsy medication to deal with convulsions and other symptoms.

Well, all I can say is that as consciousness raises and the frequencies that we receive in our bodies rise, so does the electrical "voltage" that our bodies have to handle. Some people's bodies just seem to have more difficulty dealing with the increased voltage. It does seem to place increased pressure on the nervous system, ranging from mild electrical currents in some to full blown convulsions in others. My feeling is that the body is …

Almine - Spiritual Journeys

Almine is endorsed and described as one of the greatest mystics of our time by world leaders and scientists alike. While other way-showers gather more and more students, she helps create more and more masters. Her work represents the cutting edge of mysticism; that place where the physical and the non-physical meet and new realities are born. It is here where change is rapid and insight comes quickly to wash away years of stagnation.

In February of 2005, Almine’s body underwent a transfiguration, changing from mortal to immortal in the twinkling of an eye. Her books have been a roadmap to lead others into the same mastery and beyond. Masters populate her classes and are a fulfillment of a mission given to her in January 2005: prepare the leadership for a Golden Age about to be birthed on Earth.

Having lived as a Toltec Nagual (a specific type of mystic dedicated to a life of impeccability and setting others free from illusion) for most of her life, her insights into cosmology and man’s …

Long Distance Healing by Cristovao Brilho

At Cristovão Brilho Institute we can offer a distance healing session to anyone, anywhere in the world.

When you request a distance healing from Cristovão we can offer you the possibility of improving your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Cristovão Brilho is a Brazilian metaphysician, clairvoyant, medical intuitive, and a clairsentient, who has been working with energy for over 35 years. Currently between Cristovão’s private patients and absent healings Cristovão helps over 9,000 people per month.

Cristovão channels a medical doctor called Dr. Fyeer who has as his Cosmic Mission to develop healing techniques for the planet Earth.

Dr. Fyeer is a being of pure light who has never incarnated on the planet Earth. Dr. Fyeer has a staff of 4,000 doctors and he works exclusively on your energetic bodies.

Dr. Fyeer comes from a galaxy called Optia which is located in the 18th dimension. The act of distance healing involves a close and coherent exchange of healing energies. This d…