The Moral Dilemma of RIGHT and WRONG

What the world lacks today are compelling and coherent moral values. So when we received the Moral Compass (that you will find in the centrefold of this issue), we asked its creator to write something about it for us. It then became apparent that something much more fundamental underlay this lack of morals, namely the lost knowledge of reincarnation. For if human beings were aware that they would reap in a future life what they sow in this one, they would certainly acquire a firmer basis for their morality!

Everyone innately knows right from wrong-EVERYONE-without exception! Everyone is born knowing right from wrong, despite what the average Christian might think (or wants to believe). But how can this be, some might ask? The fact is that every one of us-practically without exception-comes into this world knowing a lot more than we might actually realise at the time of our birth. Because, with the exception of what is now a relatively small portion of the ten billion lifestreams allotted to (and evolving upon) this planetary schoolroom we call "Earth"-who have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting in the Inner Realms for the rest of us to get our act together-every one of us has lived (and loved!) before…but not necessarily here where you and I find ourselves to be today! As John The Beloved said;
"Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." [1 Jn. 4:7].
Not that we were formerly a porpoise, a horse, or an ant; of course not, even though the blood temperature of a dolphin is-not coincidentally-98.6 f (37 c), the same as a humans! This is significant, and should tell you something. But although animals evolve in their own way, your next incarnation, as a soul embodied as a human being, will undoubtedly be human also; not animal or insect. That would be regression not progression, although Christian opponents of this obvious, common-sense Law of Re-embodiment, heap scorn and ridicule upon this fundamental law, by saying that Hindus and Buddhists believe we're coming back as an ant or a donkey!

To evangelical Christians, being "born again" means accepting Jesus as their "Lord and Saviour" and allowing Christ to enter into their heart [Jn.3:3, 5-7]. In one sense there is a certain amount of validity to this, although they do not understand the full portent of what Jesus came to prove, to give us, and to teach future generations in this regard. And there is more; much more. One day they might get it right, but I doubt it.
The basic morality of adhering to the clear and wonderful Teachings of Jesus, which He gave to us 1,977 years ago-He was born in 7BC-have been conveniently set aside it seems, with Christian doctrine being subverted in order to serve a strange 'God' of human power, personality, and mammon. Most people have yet to understand what The Great Lord was trying to tell us, because the Church is no longer Christian but Paulinist, and far too Jewish in its message and content. It was not the intent that the Christian Church should be "Judeo-Christian," far from it, although the Arian Age of Judaism was the foundation for the Christian Age of Pisces, just as Christianity is now the foundation for the new Aquarian Age of Faith and a new world religion [see box: "Cosmic Ages"].

Jesus came into embodiment at the end of the Arian Age to give the "Children of Israel" one last, final opportunity to redeem themselves and to renew make good the Divine Covenant between God and His "chosen people." They rejected Him as their long-awaited Messiah, and they rejected Him as the Son of God. They rejected His Message of Love, and had Him put to death. "Crucify Him," they shouted, "Crucify! Crucify!...We have a law, and according to that law he must die!...Let His blood be on us and on our children!" [Jn. 19:6-7; Mt. 27:25]

After giving the Jewish people every opportunity to accept Him, when Jesus saw how hardened their hearts were and they were not about to change, He warned His disciples about mixing the new "wine" of His Teachings with the old wine of the Jews [Mt. 9:17]. He condemned the Jews for their lack of morals, and called the immoral Pharisees and Rabbis of His day evil [Mt. 23:2-3, 23-25, 27-28; 12:34.].

Even today, powerful Jewish interests here in America are literally 'hell-bent' on seeking out and removing the Ten Commandments [Ex. 20:1-17] wherever they are displayed publicly [see box "Christian traditions undermined" in our printed edition No. 2].

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Source/Submitted by: Zeitenschrift / The Most Reverend Dr. Peter W. Leach-Lewis, SF., DCh., Patriarch and Founder of The Brotherhood of Humanity

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