Message from Archangel Michael

"It is the Age of Expanded Consciousness."

Beloved masters, as you traverse the return path into the higher-dimensional realms of existence, known as the River of Light/Life, the vibrational patterns within and around you are in a constant state of change. This has resulted in an ever-increasing expansion of consciousness, whereby the filters through which you view your world of reality, as well as the belief-structures you have built around you are gradually being replaced with higher, more empowering truths. The world you have created and those you interact with will always reflect back to you the beliefs and expectations you have accepted as your truth.

In a painful or debilitating situation, there are always distorted or imbalanced beliefs and attachments which keep you imprisoned in a false, illusional reality. The beliefs which control many of your actions and reactions on a daily basis are slowly dissolving and are being replaced with self-empowering concepts you are gradually accepting as your new version (vision) of reality. You are in the process of expanding your awareness of Self, and you are developing a more focused, in-depth awareness of those with whom you interact, and also of the realms beyond your present ability to see. You have often heard that ‘all is an illusion.’ This does not mean that everything that has been created in the physical realm of existence is not solid, does not have structure or is not real. Nor does it mean that the higher realms are ‘illusional’ with no tangible structure or definition. Every level of existence throughout this universe seems as real to those who reside there as your earthly home does to you. The Creator and Its all-encompassing influence are real, just as we are.

The illusion is your perception of the world, a reality you view through filters of your own making: beliefs, structures, taboos and limitations you have encoded within your subconscious mind and have accepted as your truth. Everyone views the world and daily events through a veil of their own beliefs and level of awareness. That is why many see everything through a filter of negativity, while en-lighten-ed souls experience life through a filter of love and non-judgment.

During these times of accelerated transformation, you are experiencing great changes both within and without. The membranes between the subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds are becoming thinner, thereby allowing you access to the subjective, self-limiting information you need to release, and the distorted concepts you need to heal in order to return to balance within as you strive to reclaim Self-mastery. The right and left hemispheres of your brain, as well as the matrix of your subconscious, conscious and superconscious are in the process of merging and returning to a unified state of super- or Macro-consciousness. In many ways the saying ‘as it was in the beginning, so it will be once more’ applies to the transformational process humanity is now experiencing.

Every observation via the physical senses that make an impression on you, as well as every action, interaction and reaction, are automatically transmitted and recorded within the subconscious mind. Again, we stress, your subconscious mind is subjective and takes every thought or experience literally and is, thereafter, affected by your individual bias. The subconscious mind will continue to respond to and replay ‘old thought patterns and conditions’ over and over again until the misconceptions are resolved and reprogrammed.

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Source/Submitted by: Star Quest

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