The Infinity Codes of 2007

Time, Manifestation ... and Changes to the Fabric of Reality as Experienced on Planet Earth.

A few weeks ago, Archangel Michael and the Whales began sending information, on separate occasions, about the "Infinity Codes". At the time, I was in the Netherlands on a working tour, and was too occupied to give this much attention. But, more recently, I have begun to understand that these new "Infinity Codes" are being integrated into Earth frequency this year, and that they will be the most powerful of the energy frequencies to enter through the Lion's Gate this year. We are already feeling their approach as the energy shifts and changes.

When I was in the Netherlands, I began a working relationship with Dutch artist Janosh, who channels holograms from the Arcturians. The image at the top of this article is called "Infinity", and it a representation through Janosh, from the Arcturians, of the first Crop Circle of the 2007 season. Indeed, the codes are being received right now, and the Archangel Michael energy is working with the Arcturian intelligence to assist humanity to integrate these codes on their journey of Transformation and Change.

The changes will be felt most in how we perceive reality as we move towards the 2012 date for the "great shift". And reality is perceived mostly through Time and Space on the Earth plane. This article and channel will discuss Time, and a later article will discuss our perceptions of Space and the implications of this.

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Source/Submitted by: Archangel Michael and Celia Fenn: A Dialogue
© 2007-8 Text by Celia Fenn, Starchild Global and Images by Janosh, Janosh Art.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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