Earth Log: May 2007

27th May: A Magical Whale and Water Day....and honoring the Crystal Children:This has been a very powerful few days. The energies have been really high strong, and as Lightworkers we can go with the flow of these energies to create magic and miracles. Today, the 27th, was our special day for the Oceans, the Water and the Whales. Here is a beautiful image that was created especially for today by Rosemarinus of New Zealand. It is called "Ocean Goddess". I love the energy and the vibrant colors of the Fifth Dimension. Thank you, Rosemarinus.

'Ocean Goddess' by Rosemarinus

I spent some time at the Ocean to do my meditations today. I was hoping that I would see some whales, but it is still too early for them as yet. Here is an image that I took of the sun on the water, with the Mountain in the background. I love these mountains, and I always feel filled with a powerful energy when I am here. A friend from the UK once said to me that he felt that these mountains were in a different dimension, and I tend to agree with him. They are very ancient, and I think they still carry the ancient Lemurian vibrations. They seem to be the place that time forgot, and now we are coming back to their energy!

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