Returning to the Divine Blueprint

Most of humanity lives with 10 strands latent in the physical body.

If you are reading this you are awakening to the importance of having all strands of DNA fully activated and want to know how this can be done. You are ready to get clear and get activated now.

DNA Activation can help you to easily upgrade your own energies and harmonise gracefully with the acceleration of growth now occurring on Earth as photon bands are moving closer.

Many spiritual teachings have stated that the original blueprint for the human species contained twelve active strands. Some say the majority of DNA strands were disassembled in times past and left within the human cells in a latent state. These latent strands science terms 'junk DNA'.

Humanity's consciousness was changed, limiting us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The time is now arrived for our full potential to be reactivated & expanded to full perfection. The vibrational frequency of the planet is increasing. We are all in the process of transformation. All conscious life forms are having to adjust to a new environment, consciously or unconsciously.

You are beginning to recognize this.

DNA Activation is one of the  processes that have come through conscious cooperation with the higher realms, to support us in our next evolutionary step. More and more of us are waking up to our potential

One of the pioneers of this work, Vianna Stibal, healed herself of life threatening illness. While in meditation she was shown the blueprint of her DNA and told how to activate 12 strands. Within 24 hours she was healed of a serious health problem and was and guided to teach others.

I have studied to practitioner level with this amazing, love-filled woman.

This technique works directly with the DNA within the master cell of the pineal gland.

Activating DNA strands supports anchoring the new light codes or higher energies that are pouring into the planet to facilitate individual and planetary evolutionary shifts. You will have greater access to these new energies immediately upon activation.

Another component of the DNA session is activation of the Youth and Vitality Chromosome, which supports rejuvenation and slowing of the aging process. It appears that each of the strands carry great light, as well as different gifts and abilities.  I am being shown more and more how this is the case and you will learn how to enhance certain skills for yourself in the course or 1:1 60 minute activation process.

Scientists are now exploring the importance of the end caps of each DNA strand, called telomeres, that may function as a biological clock. When these end caps are chipped, aging occurs. Repair of these end caps in a DNA session could possibly extend the human life span.

After a DNA activation, cells begin to replicate a more perfect cell, rather than a degenerative cell.

People are experiencing such effects as

      *higher energy & renewed youthfulness
      *depression lifting as old patterns are released
      *improved eyesight
      *deeper meditations, heightened perception and intuition,
      *being more effective in work and  improved health.
      *immune system strengthened and your body will detoxify
      *ablility to identify dysfunctional patterns and to strengthen functional ones
      *cells have the ability to heal quicker
      *intracellular communication is strengthened
      *intuition, clairvoyance, and clairaudience may be heightened
      *you will start the process of moving outside of linear time
      *memory can become sharper and communication  more precise
      *you stay focused and in the moment for longer and longer periods of time
      *you have a better understanding of your purpose in life
      *healers notice their skills are enhanced.

After my own first session, I felt more present, more awake to life. My mind felt sharper and clearer, and my intuitive insight has expanded a thousand fold. I am being shown specific meditations for people to use after the course to pursue the development of their own gifts.

DNA Activation is complementary to all forms of vibrational and holistic healing practices.

Within our DNA is an emotional code that is passed down from generation to generation. These emotional codes are triggered through our belief systems and through life-altering events. The ten newly activated strands of DNA hold the codes for the evolution of our emotional DNA. They are our cosmic link to the universal life force, connecting Spirit with human genetic coding.

The oneness that connects our body, mind, and spirit as a single unit will be activated. Once the DNA is activated, emotions, beliefs, and behavior patterns that do not serve your life can be removed, and replaced with the vibrational frequency of love.

You will be given a specific tool to help you gracefully release old unsupportive patterns, if you opt for the 60 minute session or join a group session.

This activation is complete in itself, and there is no need for a 2nd activation or to repeat the activation at a later date, although this is an option some people ask for.

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Source/Submitted by: DNA 12 Strand Activation

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