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An extraordinary man guides people on the path to self-healing

Reza Ketabi Pour is a serious, experienced and competent professional who has supported many individuals to achieve greater health, and successfully deal with the causes and symptoms of chronic illness. He has used his extraordinary capabilities to assist several thousand people to lead healthier and more fulfilled lives, and to take personal responsibility for their own well-being.

Mr. Ketabi has dedicated his life to the mission of helping people to activate their own healing powers, and achieve Oneness with the unifying force of life. The holistic approach embodied in the Ketabi Method (TKM) has been developed over a period of two decades, through intensive self-training, study, renunciation, meditation as well as the knowledge gained from many specialists and courses. It is a fusion of spiritual, mental, physical and energetic work, much of it on a non-verbal basis. TKM incorporates hands-on healing, massage, personal counseling, kinesiology, exercises, herbology, Chinese medicine and nutrition.

Personal History

Persian-born Reza Ketabi Pour, age 40, has resided in Austria since 1990. His childhood and adolescence were years of pain, humiliation and despair marked by abuse, punishment and illness, as well as the trauma of war and the death of loved ones. For close to two decades, he suffered from severe headaches and depressions, massive stomach and back pains, intestinal ulcers, amnesia, panic attacks and insomnia. However, in 1994, he discovered that his body produced higher energy vibrations which have a positive impact on people's health. Mr. Ketabi not only healed himself, but devoted his energies to the full-time effort of developing and refining The Ketabi Method, and fulfilling his mission of sharing his gift and love with others.

The Ketabi Method (TKM)

The effectiveness of TKM's healing powers is based on the ability of Reza Ketabi Pour to absorb, make use of and share the purifying and vitalizing effects of cosmic energies - the foundation of life - at extremely high vibrations.

Insufficiencies or stagnation in a person's five "levels of being" - sexual, energetic, physical, mental/emotional and cosmic/spiritual - disturb the natural harmony between body, mind and soul and the perfect functioning of a person's being. Lower vibrations are stored on these five levels as a result of unpleasant or traumatic experiences, a lack of love or affection, suppressed emotions or destructive thoughts. They may result in serious dysfunctions in a person's physical, psychological and spiritual well-being, and thus in pain or illness.

Reza Ketabi Pour has developed the ability to identify these dysfunctions, to communicate with a person's inner being, and clearly perceive and analyze the state in which a person finds himself - without being judgmental. His body can act as a kind of transformer, absorbing the lower vibrations afflicting people, neutralizing them, and transmuting them to a higher level. He opens people up to a freer flow of energy and replaces deeply-rooted energy blockades. At the same time, he enables cosmic energies (in the form of light) to be passed on to other people, and thus to "upgrade" their energetic, physical, psychological and spiritual condition to embody higher, uplifting life energies.

If people positively work together with Reza Ketabi Pour, he is frequently able to reduce or eliminate the heavy blockages which impair the natural harmony between their body, mind and soul. People are released from their inner fears, depression, inner conflicts and pains and thus gain greater self-awareness, a prerequisite to combat illness and restore health. He can often put people on the path to self-healing and greater self-realization in just a few sessions, and in many cases, where orthodox medicine has reached its limits.

The Ketabi Method is a four-step process: identifying the cause of the dysfunction, gaining access to the cause; dissolving the problem and thus releasing the person from its stranglehold, and finally, removing the stored lower energy vibrations which have such a negative impact on people.

"Recovery depends on activating an individual's own healing powers. By clearing away the dysfunction, I enable the person to heal himself", Mr. Ketabi says. The ultimate goal is not dependency, but self-responsibility, in which people learn the techniques which will help them maintain their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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