Archangel Michael's Latest Message (Ronna Herman)

"Remember, you are creating your new reality in the higher dimensions as well as on the earthly plane."

Beloved masters, as the old world order gradually slips away into the past and is slowly being relegated to your "past lives" memory bank, a new day is dawning. At the Omniversal and universal levels, the Supreme Creator is sending down the radiance of Itself via the many Great Central Suns and, in turn, it is now being filtered down upon Earth in great bursts of Living Flame of Life via the Sun of your solar system. In the months to come, you will hear more and more about the extreme and erratic activity coming from the heart center of the Milky Way galaxy, and of the increased sunspot and solar flare activity emanating from the sun of your solar system, all as a result of a momentous acceleration in the evolutionary process taking place in all manifested worlds. No one can hide or deny that something monumental is taking place on Earth, and if you have even a slight interest in what is happening in your solar system and galaxy, you are aware that dramatic and Earth-changing events are occurring throughout the cosmos as well.

The Divine Plan is unfolding perfectly as all the major players gradually assume their preordained roles. Yes, those of you who read and take heed of the wisdom teachings and instructions that proliferate the Earth at this time are among the vanguard of enlightened ones, and you have an important role to play in the "Shifting of the Ages" drama. We have gradually and patiently given you guidelines and instructions over the years in order to prepare you for these times of great change, and in these critical years ahead, you will be thankful that you paid heed and took the necessary steps in order to move forward with a semblance of ease and grace.

While steeped in your third/fourth-dimensional reality, your ego-mind and ego-desire emotional body processed information through the filters of the subconscious mind which functions from a "polarized" reality of duality and a finite existence. When you open the Sacred Heart/Mind centers, your reality quickly transforms into a sense of "Oneness" with the many facets of your "Beingness," our Mother/Father God and all Creation, whereby you once again gain the ability to tap into the Infinite possibilities of the Omniverse, or the River of Life/Love containing the Adamantine Particles of Creation.

There are many facets of the Creation process merging at this time and many of the teachings of the masters/avatars of past Ages are also coming together to create the new Divine Blueprint of the future. Teachings and techniques of the past are being updated, refined and unified, and all the great masters and Beings of Light from the past have powerful facets of their God-Selves stationed in the various Cities of Light in order to radiate their Divine Essence out into the Cosmos.

We have told you that the beloved Jeshua laid the foundation and seeded the Earth with the Divine Blueprint of the future (the future that is now unfolding). His main purpose was to prepare the way for the resurrection and ascension of humanity. The return spiral pathway that humanity is to follow was created and empowered by our Mother God and is now fully anchored and activated. In order for the New Earth to reflect the full glory of the Divine Goddess, it was critical that the Sacred Heart Center within Earth’s Crystal Grid System be infused with the higher-dimensional frequencies of Oneness: a perfect balance of the Divine masculine and feminine qualities, the attributes and virtues of our Mother and Father God.

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