Selacia and The Council of 12

Selacia is internationally known for her work in the inspirational/ transformation field. She serves as a bridge between spirit and the physical world, helping to connect people of all ages and walks of life with their spiritual selves. A gifted intuitive, she has a down-to-earth approach to living a spiritual life within a mainstream context. A former journalist, publicist and school administrator for teenage girls, she teaches others what she has learned about how to bring spirit into all areas of life -- from the corporate world, to the classroom, to the home. She has a unique ability of being able to take universal truths and break them down into practical teachings that awaken both the novice and experienced spiritual practitioner.

Selacia has published one book, with a number of others planned. Throughout her first book, The Golden Edge, readers are provided with guideposts and cutting-edge tools for moving out of fear and into wholeness. In this book, readers discover how to make spirit more real and how to bring more joy into their lives. Since its first printing in 1999, the book has sold hundreds of copies throughout the U.S. and Europe. Demand for the book continues, and is available in manuscript form through Selacia’s Web site, and at her numerous seminars held throughout the United States. With each book purchase, she offers a personal inspirational message from her spiritual guides, The Council of 12. These messages are so popular among her following that many customers place multiple orders in order to receive personal messages for family and friends.

This prolific journalist has in her family tree of ancestors such beloved writers as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The American poet Longfellow (1807-82), best known for works including Hiawatha, had a gift of simple, romantic story-telling in verse and a sound lyric sense. His works were rooted in literature rather than in life. On the other hand, Longfellow's descendant, Selacia, focuses her writing in ways that reflect real life.

An experienced healer and medical intuitive, Selacia works with clients around the world, helping them to bring their lives back into balance. As a part of this work, she assists clients in uncovering and healing hidden core beliefs that cause disharmony and pain. She comes to the DNA work with a background in health and fitness, having written about health as a journalist and having previously counseled teens and adults regarding nutrition and weight loss. She will be included in a number of studies scheduled to determine how the DNA healing technique works and how it relates to other current research being done by scientists.

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