The Movie 'The Da Vinci Code' - A Qabalistic Rosicrucian Perspective

First and foremost The Da Vinci Code is a most beautiful love story...

Some Historical Highlights On The Origins Of Early Christianity

The Da Vinci Code book and movie narrative is quite revealing regarding the history of the Roman Catholic Church. Beginnings of the Church can be traced back to the first Council of Nicea in 325 AD, where the soon-to-be Church fathers had the interesting task of creating a new religion. This new religion, a religion of synthesis, was soon to be established as the official religion of the Roman Empire. The church architects choose for political purposes, and for the sake of unity and simplicity, only a few of the existing Gospels, disregarded the rest, and created a powerful dogmatic religion shrouded in mystery. Its cornerstone was the Nicean Creed. This profound Creed was rooted in a core belief system presented as "Gospel truth"....Perhaps, however, Gnostic Christians, Qabalists, Rosicrucian and Goddess worshippers - to name but a few - did not fully subscribe to the dogma of this new church.

In the historical narrative woven into the movie, The Da Vinci Code, we learn more about the Roman Catholic Church, its historical attitudes toward women, its inquisitions, crusades, and destruction of indigenous peoples. We see the simultaneous amassing of great wealth and power as the Church's hegemony spread hand in hand with the rise of The Roman Empire. As the official religion of those times, it was determined to maintain its monopoly on "The Truth."


To deepen our understanding of Christianity one needs to make a clear distinction between "Churchianity" and Esoteric Christianity as expounded upon in the Qabalah and the Tarot....

One of my fundamental points regarding the difference between "Churchianity" and Christianity resides in our personal relationship vis-à-vis Jesus. In the Rosicrucian viewpoint, Jesus is to be fully acknowledged rather than worshipped. When worshipping Jesus, we are in some measure giving our power away to a being who is in some way separate from us and thus in some way superior to us. This is paradoxical in that all enlightened spiritual teachers share common ground in the awareness that All Is One...

The role of any genuine avatar (embodiment of God) or teacher is to direct one back to one's true Self. As it is said in Hinduism OM Tat Sat...I am that. The truth as I understand it, is that all the powers and divine attributes we subscribe to a being such as the master Christ Jesus are inherent within all of us. In truth you may say that he was and is an aspect of our higher multidimensional Self ..this Self which is our essential true nature is rooted in Oneness and in essence is One With All That Is.. The enclosed articles further expand on these very important spiritual points.

I can assure you Jesus never intended to create a powerful hierarchical church/ religion; we can thank Paul for that. Jesus was, among other things, a very advanced Yogi who had a direct intimate connection with the Divine (the Fat(her)- Mother God). His primary purpose was to awaken an unconscious humanity to its essential divinity and majesty. He did this by anchoring the Christ energy onto the planet as well as embedding it into the noosphere of the planet, and thereby redirected the spiritual trajectory of humanity! The result of this cosmic action was and is a progressive individual and collective awareness to our divinity and fundamental unity with all life in all planes and in all dimensions! Obviously one may surmise that he was way ahead of his time! Today we are still grappling was our less than benevolent natures...and yet the promise and/or potential is here for an ever-expanding loving and compassionate consciousness...

An important question one needs to ask now is, has the Catholic Church truly advanced the common good of humanity? This is a highly debatable point. One need not disregard the Church as irrelevant. It has generated genuine saints, some of the greatest thinkers ever, (The Jesuits), along with an extraordinary array of some of the greatest inspired works of art ever bequeathed to humankind... Nor can one underestimate the spiritual solace the Church offers its adherents through its sacraments, prayers and rituals. Additionally, one certainly needs to acknowledge that many Catholics are doing their very best to practice and internalize the essential teachings of Christ on a daily basis....compassion, love, forgiveness, charity, etc... Nor can one debate the Church's commitment to the poor. However, and this is critical, what about the psychological liberation of its adherents? Does the Church promote genuine spiritual maturity… or spiritual codependency? This is a point of the utmost importance in evaluating the merits of the Roman Catholic Church, and for that matter, any other spiritual organization!

In light of this question of spiritual maturity, many Catholics have graduated, so to speak, and have chosen to leave the confines of the orthodox Church in search of a deeper, more intimate spiritual life.

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