Beloved masters, humanity is being nudged and inspired in every way possible to move forward into the next level of en-LIGHTEN-ment. It is imperative that you strive to incorporate, activate and project the maximum amount of Creator Light available to you. As it was in the beginning times on Earth, those of you who are in the process of returning to the original blueprinted way of balanced and harmonious existence, will gradually have access to the dynamic power and magnificence of the Supreme Creator’s Essence.

The Earth and humanity are becoming multidimensional Bearers of Light as the radiance from the Supreme Creator and our Mother/Father God permeate the solar system and the Earth via the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Crystalline Grid system bears the encodings and the Divine Schematic for your return to multi-dimensionality, as well as the Divine Blueprint for the future of the Earth and humanity. However, it is up to each of you to connect with this grid system via the great Cities of Light, and to begin to decipher the encodings that pertain to you, your mission, and the specific area you inhabit.

During these swiftly changing times, you will find the energy patterns of your new multi-dimensional nature fluctuating at a wide range of frequencies, for the Crystalline Grid system is programmed with the highest vibrational patterns that people in each area can incorporate and anchor to the Earth and themselves. It is a two-fold process: the Grid system will affect humanity through its advanced encodings for the future, and humanity will affect the Grid System as each person anchors the Living Light from the Celestial Cities of Light.

Energy filled with the unmanifested potential from the "All That Is" and all there ever will be comes forth from the Omniversal Mind called the Supreme Creator. This energy is limitless and inexhaustible. Energy cannot be lost or destroyed, it transforms "evolves OR devolves" according to the intent/desire/actions of the cocreator; it manifests into new forms of specific frequency/vibrational patterns drawn forth from the Primal Life Force Substance sent forth upon the River of Life/Love from the Creator and our Mother/Father God.

The problem is that most of you have forgotten how to tap into the River of Life/Light; however, if you adhere to the Universal Laws of Manifestation, you have the ability to bring your visions, dreams and desires into physical manifestation. You have always been cocreators on the physical plane, either of joy, peace and plenty, or of poverty, suffering and limitation.

You must move beyond the "collective consciousness belief structure" and actively strive for an "attitude adjustment" whereby you consciously become aware and claim that you are a cocreator who is entitled to all the beauty, bounty and abundance of the universe. Your first priority must be to study and integrate the wisdom of the Universal Laws, and how to work in harmony with the Elements of the universe. This is an integral step toward becoming proficient in what you seek as a cocreator in harmony with your Divine mission. Manifestation of form is constantly taking place regardless of what you do or don’t do; that is simply what happens by natural law. Hence, by consciously working in harmony with this process, it will accelerate your progress. Or, you may ignore the law and your life will be filled with unconscious, ineffectual desires with random and, often, chaotic results.

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Source/Submitted by: Transmitted Through Ronna Herman
© 1998-2007 Ronna Herman, Star Quest. All Rights Reserved.

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