A Time of Reconcilliation

The Time of Reconcilliation by Sananda and the Spiritual Heirarchy

L: Last night I had a dream of strong winds, are the winds of change upon us?

"There is a tide that has turned in your affairs, one of great magnitude. The outpouring of love has begun to trickle into the dry wells of those in spiritual poverty. The arid land now swells with expanding consciousness and leaves the formerly impotent land fertile.

What I refer to is of grand proportion; the uniting of man is afoot. This global countenance shall quickly become void as the truth prevails and spreads o’er the land. The coming of this great tide is akin to the waves that washed upon your shores in ancient days, yet this wave will carry those who are willing to see the error of their ways. This tide is one that will bring the lands closer together between the seas and will unite bridges of freedom across all borders. This freedom we speak of is the way of the light. Total and unadulterated freedom can only come from full truth and full truth is beckoning you now.

The anticipation in your hearts is for good reason; the moment of rising has appeared and is even at the doorstep of those in the shadows. Know that as you embark upon the new lands you too will witness the great shadows of man and will be called to illuminate the dark corners in need. Each of you holds the ability to transform and perform miracles; these lands need your miracles. Listen to your inner calling and answer with vigor for you shall adorn even those whom you’ve never met and you will feel the full beauty of being human in those moments of oneness."

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Source/Submitted by: Lauren/Sananda Immanuel / Abundant Hope.
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