'Master of the Jinn' available as eBook

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

This is an experiment. I am offering the Sufi novel, Master of the Jinn, to anyone who wants one as an Ebook. It will be emailed in .pdf form to your home computer. This is the same book as the paperback, with all the interior illustrations intact, taken from the original file.

After you have read it, and only if you like the book, please send me just $5.00 in US currency, either by check, money order or Paypal (for Paypal, see note at bottom). If you want to send cash, put it in a greeting card or wrap it so it doesn’t show through the envelope.

If you don’t like the book, SEND NOTHING, and forgive me for taking up your time.

So send me a note at my email address, Irvingk57 at aol dot com if you want a copy of Master of the Jinn. Use the @ sign and a real dot in the email address, and close up the spaces. Put “Ebook” in the subject line of your email. This offer will also be added to the Sufi Novel tab at top.

WhyAm I Doing This?

Because it is a cheap and easy way to get the broadest possible distribution with the best possible intention. It is a simple way to get the book to people, particularly in countries where it is difficult to even order and receive a hard copy of the book.

Of course, you can always read excerpts from the book first by clicking the Sufi Novel tab above.

Inshallah, the word will spread.

Ya Haqq!

Irving Karchmar
PO Box 725
Sag Harbor, New York 11963

Note: If paying by Paypal, use this email address: masterofthejinn (at) aol (dot) com

Source/Submitted by: Darvish / Irving Karchmar

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