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Reiki is... an ancient healing art which has recently been re-discovered in Japan and is quickly gaining the attention of the main-stream western world. Board rooms, hospitals, courtrooms, business offices and sporting events are just some of the modern day recipients of Reiki energy.


The origin of this powerful healing energy is believed to be divine. Regardless of it's source or why it works, the results are always positive and directed toward the best outcomes. There is no danger of misuse or abuse. The highest good of all prevails. The recipient of Reiki need not study, understand or believe in its power and beauty. It always delivers the highest good. How could it do anything else? An acute power of observation would be handy, only to affirm it's often subtle changes and effects. To increase your awareness of Reiki's healing powers, I have provided several informative pages to help you to maximize your Reiki experience. I encourage you to take the time to read the pages Preparing for Reiki and Recognizing Reiki prior to receiving it's benevolent energy.


One need not be mislead or intimidated by Reiki's foreign name. Reiki is called such because, as it happened, this old system of prayer and healing was again returned to mankind via a Japanese man called Dr. Usui. The name "Reiki" is Japanese because that was Dr. Usui's native language. This healing art was known and utilized long before it's resurgence under a Japanese name. The divine is not concerned with nationality. When utilizing Reiki energy, one is merely tapping into the magnanimous love of the divine (God, life force, universe, Christ force, etc). Jesus used the exact same source of energy as is used by "Reiki." Jesus once said that all he can do can be done by us and even more. The key ingredient is trust. As a Reiki Master, I have learned to trust in the goodness of the divine.

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