Listening to the Still Voice Within – A Tribute to Eileen Caddy

Eileen Caddy was one of the major founders of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, and she died on December 13th 06, at the age of 89. She was a remarkable woman and a great spiritual visionary and teacher who I had the pleasure of meeting several times. She coined the phrase of "listening to the still voice within." She was also the author of many books including her autobiography Flight into Freedom, which describes the difficulties she passed through on her courageous, spiritual journey to reach the point of becoming a cofounder of the Findhorn Foundation, which now has thousands of visitors every year that attend their retreats and workshops. I was a resource person in Cyprus for Findhorn for many years.

Two years ago, I asked Eileen if she would like to write a chapter for my book Spiritual Awakenings, Glimpses into the Higher Realms, but she told me that unfortunately her schedule was so full and she had so many speaking engagements to prepare for that she didn't have the time. She was then 87. I thought how wonderful it was to have such a interesting life at her age. So instead Anna Holmes, another spiritually active lady in her 80s who was also with Eileen in the early days of Findhorn wrote her own remarkable chapter for the book instead.

Dorothy Maclean, the sole surviving founder of the community, continues at 87, to actively pursue her planetary work, inspiring us all to do the same.

It is so encouraging to hear people in their latter years being so active and steadily holding their place as visionaries and making their unique contribution to the world.

One of Eileen's important messages was : "You have a tremendous work to do. It is the silent work of creating more love in the world."

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