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Dr. Masuru Emoto is well known for his extraordinary work with the healing power of water and the effects that our thoughts, words and feelings have upon the molecules in water. He shares his realizations from his years of research and explains the profound implications on the healing of water for mankind and the earth. He initiated the global World Day of Love on July 25th and is the author of many books, tapes and DVDs including Hidden Messages in Water.

He believes we can purify the water in our bodies and the water on the planet through this particular healing work. Considering that our bodies are made up of 70% water and the surface of the earth is also occupied by 70% water, then it goes to say that we owe a lot to respecting water for it sustains and nurtures our lives.

On Dr. Emoto's website if you click on water crystals on the top of the page, there are many beautiful photographs of the crystals within water, which you can see.

There is also a free video, which you can watch about his work, it is quite long, 2hrs and 6 mins. Click on the following link to view the video. Video: Hidden Messages in Water = Masaru Emoto.

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