Children don't believe in Death ... They know better.

Is there anything more distressing than the death of a child? Many people who had always believed in a Creator begin to have doubts when death, that great dark unknown, snatches a little one. But oddly enough, what causes us adults to become distraught is quite natural to the children themselves.

So let us hear what these children have to say. Children who acted as teachers and comforters to adults shortly before their deaths. Children who stand in the midst of life and know that death does not exist—because to them, the law of reincarnation is a fact of life.

Children are still quite close to the other, real world. They have not yet built up a protective carapace of fears and opinions. Sometimes, they even tell us what the world beyond death looks like. The only problem is that hardly anyone listens to them. Elfriede Volkhart is one who does. She is a paediatric nurse and has frequently worked with dying children since 1965. At first she could not always make sense of what they were saying. Today she knows the truth of the matter. “Dying children often say that they will be going into the light, where it is much more beautiful. Where there are flowerstrewn meadows. One of them told me of a pretty cottage in the woods in front of which grandma and granddad sat, and granddad smoked his pipe. In fact, they had already died. ‘There are wonderful toys there’ said the child in joyous anticipation. Another child said he would cross the ocean on a huge liner. I said: ‘But there’s no ocean over there.’ ‘You just have no idea. It’s really great at sea’, insisted the child. ‘Have you already been there’, I asked. ‘No, but I know it’, was the reply. ‘Maybe you got it from TV?’ ‘No, you don’t see things like that on TV. That’s something else you don’t know.’ “A six-year old boy knew that not everything in a person ends in the grave. He drew a grave with his granddad floating in the air horizontally above it. ‘When granddad is dead, I will lay flowers on his grave.’ – ‘But if you give him them now, you will see what pleasure he has in them’, his mother advised him. ‘Haha! Do you really think that he won’t see them? His body may be laid to rest in the ground, but everything else hovers above. That part can still see the flowers that I place there.’ was the reply.”

Elfriede Volkhart noticed that children often see more than adults when she worked in a large German city. When she visited a man at home who was dying of cancer, his small son suddenly piped up: “I can see angels around daddy.” He also saw his father’s body-of-light in which he looked wonderful, healthy and happy. “He just told me that he would always look after me.” The child gained a lot of comfort from this vision and was able to cope well with his father’s death.

A seven-year old boy also told of life in the other world. He had obviously lived ‘there’ in the children’s sphere. “We drank from a spring and ate fruit from the trees. We had little tree-houses. There was only sun, sun, sun. The fruit was surrounded by light, in wonderful colours. Music emanated from everywhere, we hovered around colours. Little angels played with us. Everyone was kind, no-one was nasty. All around us was a very fine substance, woven of light. You have a face but you don’t know what kind of face. You also have a body, but you don’t know what it really looks like. It’s so very different to here. You have to take care of everything, not break anything. Then an angel appears and gives you a precious stone. When someone joins us from earth, a big party is held. The buildings are made of light. You can see them but they are not there, they are transparent, you can only feel them. “There are about 32,000 spheres. There is no time, because it is faster than time. When someone does something good, he rises a level. At the very highest level you are with God. You are also given lessons. You learn what happens to human beings. “You will never get bored there. Everything that you can get is of the best. Here on earth it is also fine, but we just don’t know any better. Our real world is there.

“When you die again, you are collected and called and recount the latest happenings on earth. When we were there, we travelled around the earth. We floated through space. People could not see us. We even travelled to the moon along the colours of the rainbow. We had so much fun. God came and took a look. He was wearing a coat of light. ‘You ought to go to earth’, he said. ‘We don’t want to’, we said. ‘But it’s better that you do’, said God. A child said: ‘There are such pretty flowers here.’ ‘But the earth also has its roses, shrubs, woods and houses.’ Mother Mary said: ‘On earth it’s beautiful too. After all, you can come back here when you grow old.’

“The other children went to Spain. I came here. I came down like a bolt of lightning. Then I was in mummy’s tummy. I also saw the other children. I looked out, where the navel is, through the small window (the solar plexus).”

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Source/Submitted by: Ursula Seiler
© 2007 ZeitenSchrift

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  1. ctctlggThankyou for this beautiful understanding about children. It allowed me to remember myself as a child and understood that this is true.This is a true wonder. THANKS dennis


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