Welcome to the Great Transitional Year of 2007 - SOLARA'S SURF REPORT

Solara's Surf Report

2006 was an interesting year in which for the first nine months, everything appeared to happen deceptively slowly. It felt as if we were putting out major effort and achieving minimal results. We spent most of the year under construction, covered by scaffolding while a core level renovation was taking place. Yet by the end of the year, we were amazed by how great a distance we had actually traveled. We suddenly realized that 2006 had been brilliantly efficient after all and gave us exactly the perfect experiences we most needed in order to make a major internal transformation.

During the Quantum Surf that occurred in the final three months of 2006, some of us experienced a core level shift that has catapulted us onto a totally new matrix.... into the previously uncharted realms of the deeper Invisible called the Lotus World.

If you have not yet made this shift, don't worry; it is coming in 2007 and will be hard to miss as long as you make it your top priority. The Quantum Surf that arrived at the end of September will only continue to get stronger throughout 2007 and 2008.


The changes that took place during the final months of 2006 were so profound and far reaching that many of us exited the year as new, infinitely truer beings. Once we began to enter the Lotus World, huge Waves of Love washed through us, erasing the long line of footprints we had left in the sand behind us. This will happen more and more throughout 2007.

These footprints represent our entire journey thus far-- our struggles to awaken and emerge from the illusion of duality, the moments of glory, the people we loved and those who loved us, the ones who tried to hinder us, the moments of deep despair when we almost gave up, the immense courage that it took to make it this far. Our entire histories of all our lifetimes on this planet and beyond are embedded in the seemingly endless line of footprints in the sand. And then suddenly, a series of huge Waves of Love washes them away and we are free....

The Waves of Love are also washing away many of our old disguises and outdated roles. The multiple layers with which we had covered up our true beings are being stripped off, revealing our naked core selves. And that is all we can be anymore. RAW.... REAL.... TRUE.... PURE TRUE LOVE.

Throughout 2007, the Waves of Love will wash away our hiding places, both within our selves and without. These are the tiny, cramped places where we have crammed ourselves to stunt our growth and avoid embodying our true vastness and magnificence. The places where we stuff our most precious dreams and most intimate desires so we won't have to face the potential heartbreak of their possible failure. The places where we hide under a blanket of empty excuses to avoid stepping into the responsibility of fulfilling our true purpose and doing what we really came here to do. In 2007 we will discover that we can no longer hide from ourselves or others. We are suddenly out in the open, naked and exposed, in plain sight of all those who can see. And we might as well get comfortable with this, for this is how it will be from now on.

Without our histories of past and future, we are thrust into the HERE and NOW. We will realize that HERE and NOW is all there is. Everything is found within it. And this is exactly where we need to fully anchor our beings. The HERE and NOW is where we will be able to align ourselves with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. And this is where we will be able to fulfill our Wildest Dreams.


As the Waves of Love become increasing larger and stronger in 2007, they will wash away every single element of our lives which is untrue, which doesn't resonate in perfect accord with our emerging new, true beings. This Quantum Surf full of Waves of Love will continue to magnify and intensify throughout this monumental Year of Transition, as the Waves of Love wash away unfulfilling jobs, wrong places of residence, expired relationships, outdated beliefs, habits and patterns, engrained spiritual practices that can't take us further.... Until all that is untrue or expired has left us.

Many elements that we have grown familiar with have now passed their expiration dates. These include old vows and contracts with soul groups or with individuals, old responsibilities, limited concepts, outdated spiritual practices, old roles we have played out for lifetimes. Some of the elements now leaving our lives have been in effect for such a long time that we always assumed that they would be with us forever. But now they have reached their appointed end. And just like expired milk that has spoiled, we can try to drink it, but it will not quench our thirst; it will only make us sick.

If we are really stubbornly resistant to change or are afraid of what we cannot see or control-- that which is presently unmapped and unknown-- we can try to hold on to the old and outdated; but sooner or later, everything that has expired will all be ripped away from our shaky grasp.

This is not the year for automatic, unconscious responses or for sitting passively on the sidelines; rather we need to be fully conscious of everything we think, feel, say or do. We must make honest, conscious choices based on our integrity and take decisive action as we continually weed out everything that has expired within us. If not, these elements will become increasingly distorted and magnified until we can no longer ignore them.

Let's continually comb through the cupboards of our beings and release whatever no longer belongs with who we are in the process of becoming. At the same time, we can keep whatever has the appropriate resonance to travel further with us.

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All material copyrighted 1989 -2007 by Solara. All rights reserved.

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