The Long and Short of It

Is there a specific point at which the New Age began? If so, is there a specific point at which it will end? And if it does end, what place or condition will the Earth find itself in?

This New Age (and there have been many) began in the latter half of the nineteenth century. It began without fanfare and with nary a welcome mat upon its threshold. Almost imperceptively the world awoke to a new dawn, or at least one that was so ancient that it could no longer be recalled. An Age is a measure or a progression that can be charted as a movement throughout the heavens. Though illuminating, the new age was not designed to ignite the popular and thematic movement that now carries its namesake.

Humankind is but one of many species that have progressed through the Age of Pisces, and have found themselves aware that a new age, with its own opportunities and challenges awaits them. Other worlds with their own race of beings also prepare to ascend into the next realm or dimension. It has been humanity’s privilege until now to think of itself as special and even unique. While not entirely untrue, especially from this mother’s perspective, it would be unfair to continue the journey much longer with eyes still closed and even blinded in some cases.

The New Age belongs to everyone and to everything. It belongs to those who believe in it, those who do not, and those who have never even heard of it. It is at its best when it is not described as a movement popularized by thoughts, concepts and conditions that are only available to those who subscribe to its tenets. Teachers uphold it and masters who lovely pave the way, pry open doors and wipe away tears of frustration. Similar teachers also work elsewhere, without need of the pedestals upon which they have been placed here. Likewise, angels walk and dwell among you, guardians of the tapestry of life of which you are part.

The New age did not actually begin at a specific point in time as measured by a calendar, yet it could also be said that prior to a certain time it did not actually exist. What is the change that takes place when unconsciousness becomes conscious of its unconscious condition, do you see? What changes when the polarity called effect reverts to the polarity called cause? Nothing changed in the one moment, yet by the next moment, the entire universe has shifted. A new age is like that . . . and so are you.

A New Age is the span of time in which evolution accelerates to include everything that can evolve in consciousness. The more conscious and creative the beingness (or thing) is of its own evolutional undertaking, the greater the evolutional leap it is capable of achieving is. Unfortunately, this also brings about a tendency to think of oneself as more advanced and even more superior than others, a delusion within illusion that creates an imbalance of its own. Similar to an implosion, the effect of this imbalance is felt deeply and painfully until the imbalance is corrected or removed.

This New Age will more than likely continue for the next two hundred years or so, though its effects will more than likely begin to diminish after the interval year of 2065. By then the planet will have changed significantly, as will all of life upon and within it. Those who are aware of the intelligence of change now, and who do not seek to reverse it or otherwise control it, will be the inspiration for those who follow. These are the true pioneers who without reward will yet reap many benefits. Beyond 2210, the earth will be reestablished in a slightly different orbit that will both stabilize and enhance the Aquarian age. The fifth dimension will be the norm then, the rule rather than the exception. The third dimension will not yet be obsolete, but will be thought of somewhat as a historic relic, that which you would observe and marvel at in a museum of near history.

Do not run too quickly to catch the wave of the New Age as if it were the tail of a comet. It is true that it does not come about all too frequently, but it is intelligent and so are you. It is important that you find your own vibrational match within it. You cannot live another’s purpose any more than you can life another’s life, certainly not successfully so. Be aware that it is impossible to be left behind or to progress in a manner that goes against nature. There are yet many seasons left in the remaining Piscean Age and they are worth experiencing to their fullest. To cheat the Piscean fish you must swim against the current, and even the mighty salmon pays a dear price for this. Better to swim the current, navigate the tides, and steer by the stars.

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Source/Submitted by: Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis
©2007 Pepper Lewis and The Peaceful Planet.

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