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Billboards for the Cause

We have received many inquiries and suggestions over the past few months on how to increase awareness of this important event. Some have asked if they might make a donation, and we thank each of you profoundly for your wonderful offers of assistance. But it is important to reiterate that Fire the Grid is neither an organization nor a foundation. It is an event. It is an ever growing worldwide network of like minded people defining their intentions to the universe, and who desire positive change for our planet.

A recurring theme that does correspond naturally to our mission is the idea of offering t-shirts & postcards/button/stickers etc. that enable everyone to become "Billboards for the Cause." After receiving overwhelmingly positive responses from the current Team Leaders, we have decided to proceed and are excited to share with you that everything is now ready to go. Through online retailer CafePress, who will handle manufacturing, inventory control, shipping and payment processing, we are able to offer a small range of promotional items with a couple of distinctive designs. By purchasing an item such as a t-shirt, you will contribute to "spreading the word" of this event, spark new interest and also help to support the running and on-going maintenance of the Fire the Grid website.

An open letter from Shelley

Hello to all the precious humans and supporters of this grid project.

It has been an incredible journey since I spoke on the George Noory show in mid Dec. '05. For those who do not know George Noory, he hosts a radio talk show with over 15 millions listeners. Many things have happened since that time including Doreen Virtue of the Angel book fame who has joined us by including an invitation to read and join in Firing the Grid on her monthly newsletter. This amounts to many other tens of thousands that have been connected to the site and hopefully to the project when the time arrives.

I am writing this letter today to fulfill a piece of this whole dream. I am looking for ambassadors for the grid project, individuals who wish to be involved in a more personal way. I am calling it the Grid Connection Team. I am looking for team leaders in every corner of the planet who wish to represent the project in their area of the earth and hopefully through their efforts we will have strong energy connections throughout this earth when the time comes to fire the earth grid.

I have been shown that there is tremendous energy that is available when people team together for a purpose. If these team leaders could organize larger groups on the correct day at the correct time we would be assured of a strong and reliable source in that country. It doesn’t take the whole planet to make the difference just enough of us who truly desire and believe in the change we can create. The job of team leader would be to raise the consciousness of the people in your region. This could be done in many ways. I would be hopeful that we. as a team could connect regularly to discuss ideas each of you have for getting more people involved. This is a work in progress so I am sure there are many ideas we could come up with and incorporate as time goes by. I follow the instructions as they are given to me. This idea is the newest and I think it is fabulous.

I would dearly love to come to each and every country to tell you personally of all I have experienced. Perhaps this will come to pass and I will be able to join these team leaders in their own countries and meet with the people who wish to hear what I have to say first hand. This of course will be the will of our almighty Creator, as a project of this nature would take much money to implement. I do however believe we can create that which we desire and personally I desire that we reach as many people on this earth as humanly or in our case Divinely possible.

If you are interested in being a team leader in your area please let me know and please remember to put your city and country so that I can begin a list to see who we have and who we must work on. I can then distribute the list to other team leaders so you as an individual will have support and actually see and experience how many of us there are and how widely this project has reached. It is truly empowering to see the many countries represented when people email me. I would like to share that feeling with others. I am of the belief that we can really make this happen. All corners of this planet sitting in harmonious energy to intentionally heal our planet and change our world.

With my deepest respect and love,

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