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'The Shift' by Owen Waters

The Shift is the spiritual and creative awakening of humanity. This transformative movement has gained momentum in recent years to the point where, today, more than one in four adults have moved forward towards this new stage of cultural awareness.

New Reality consciousness means to experience new vistas of awareness and new levels of creativity. It means following your heart to express your inner joy through making your own meaningful contribution towards the betterment of the world.

Millions of pioneering trail-blazers have already made it through The Shift and into the new awareness. Every day, more people follow their example and discover a deeper, more meaningful quality to life.

In "The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness," Owen Waters has woven together leading-edge cultural studies with his own discoveries about the human energy system in order to demonstrate that we are in the midst of the biggest cultural shift of all times.

This book demonstrates that the fut…

Co-Creating a New Paradise Economy with Nature Spirits.

Can we create a new paradise in part by reviving small, even backyard-sized-prosperous local eco-farms with the help of the elementals, nature spirits and Faerie realm? Indeed, it's already happening for some.

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Who is SOLARA?

Due to the actuality of the theme we presented last week first SOLARA's Surf Report for 2007;
but who is SOLARA?
One of the true visionaries of our time, Solara is widely respected for her integrity, courage and dedication. She facilitated the 11:11 Planetary Activation in 1992 in which well over 144,000 people participated worldwide. She describes herself as an intrepid explorer into the Unknown, going where few have dared go before. . . into the undiscovered subtle realms of the Invisible.

Solara is not a guru, nor does she have "followers", rather she serves as a catalyst to activate us into our own mastery so we may fully inhabit the Greater Reality. Solara is also not a "channel". She simply embodies her vastness and lives her truth; something available to all of us.

Solara has a rare gift of expressing the unexpressible, communicating with clarity, power, grounded practicality, deep love and humor. Her message calls us to embrace both our humanness and our v…

Welcome to the Great Transitional Year of 2007 - SOLARA'S SURF REPORT

2006 was an interesting year in which for the first nine months, everything appeared to happen deceptively slowly. It felt as if we were putting out major effort and achieving minimal results. We spent most of the year under construction, covered by scaffolding while a core level renovation was taking place. Yet by the end of the year, we were amazed by how great a distance we had actually traveled. We suddenly realized that 2006 had been brilliantly efficient after all and gave us exactly the perfect experiences we most needed in order to make a major internal transformation.

During the Quantum Surf that occurred in the final three months of 2006, some of us experienced a core level shift that has catapulted us onto a totally new matrix.... into the previously uncharted realms of the deeper Invisible called the Lotus World.

If you have not yet made this shift, don't worry; it is coming in 2007 and will be hard to miss as long as you make it your top priority. The Quantum Surf that …

Earth Log

January 23rd : Here is a beautiful image of the Comet taken from Cape Town. I still have not managed to see it myself, despite having a look yesterday. But, well, this is what it looks like!

Since I was given the information about the "spiritual pole shift" and the opening of the planetary Crown Chakra over Antarctica, and the information about "Atlantis Syndrome", I began to think and wonder. I thought about our Ascension process that has been ongoing for about ten years now, and I though about our expectations for and about Ascension. I began to wonder if, maybe, just maybe, we are all "looking the wrong way" right now.

At this point, Archangel Michael came through and we had an exchange in which he posed several questions for my consideration.

Well, he said, suppose that what you know about Atlantis and the fall of Atlantis has been distorted by the intense guilt and trauma still felt around the loss and destruction of the continent? What if, the priestly…

The Long and Short of It

Is there a specific point at which the New Age began? If so, is there a specific point at which it will end? And if it does end, what place or condition will the Earth find itself in?This New Age (and there have been many) began in the latter half of the nineteenth century. It began without fanfare and with nary a welcome mat upon its threshold. Almost imperceptively the world awoke to a new dawn, or at least one that was so ancient that it could no longer be recalled. An Age is a measure or a progression that can be charted as a movement throughout the heavens. Though illuminating, the new age was not designed to ignite the popular and thematic movement that now carries its namesake.

Humankind is but one of many species that have progressed through the Age of Pisces, and have found themselves aware that a new age, with its own opportunities and challenges awaits them. Other worlds with their own race of beings also prepare to ascend into the next realm or dimension. It has been humani…

Message from KRYON - Public Channeling of January 3, 2007

Lay Down Your Weapons
The Rebirth of Lady Gaia
The Preparations for the Ascension
Support Lady Gaia with Peaceful ThoughtsMy dear family, I greet you with the immeasurable love of being. I Am Kryon. OMAR TA SATT.

While the vibration expands through the grid of love in these rooms the High Councillors of the Light will bring peace with their energy. Peace for yourself and peace for all those people who feel the yearning for change, fulfilment and bliss within. And so through the grid of love we call out to the human beings: Lay down your weapons. Stop fighting. Look for the peace in yourselves, with each other and without paying attention to borders, no matter which religion, which skin color. Embrace each other and make peace. You sitting here also lay down your weapon of the mind and get involved in the peace in you. Get involved in the bliss of change, in the rebirth of Mother Earth.

The ascension into the new dimension can be compared to a birth. The contractions set in lon…

Fire the Grid - Update

Billboards for the Cause

We have received many inquiries and suggestions over the past few months on how to increase awareness of this important event. Some have asked if they might make a donation, and we thank each of you profoundly for your wonderful offers of assistance. But it is important to reiterate that Fire the Grid is neither an organization nor a foundation. It is an event. It is an ever growing worldwide network of like minded people defining their intentions to the universe, and who desire positive change for our planet.

A recurring theme that does correspond naturally to our mission is the idea of offering t-shirts & postcards/button/stickers etc. that enable everyone to become "Billboards for the Cause." After receiving overwhelmingly positive responses from the current Team Leaders, we have decided to proceed and are excited to share with you that everything is now ready to go. Through online retailer CafePress, who will handle manufacturing, inventory con…


Beloved masters, your journey into density has been quite an adventure, and has spanned billions of years according to your timekeeping. We have explained how, as you moved deeper and deeper into the great void and the darkness of space, you assisted in filling that void with Light, substance, texture and shapes beyond your wildest imagination. And then, according to the Divine plan, you submerged yourself within each new reality you had helped fashion so that you could experience creation in its many magnificent, diverse forms. Thus began the manifestation of solid matter via pure thought brought forth from the Mind of the Supreme Creator, and later from the mind of the Father/Mother God of each universe, and eventually via your own thoughts as you moved further and further from the pure Source of all creation.

After you came into your individualized consciousness, realizing that you were a Divine Spark of the Supreme Creator, the ALL THAT IS, you knew that you were predestined to jou…

The Energies for January 2007

2007: The Year of Love Made Manifest on EarthDearest Lightworkers, you stand now on the threshold of a new year, this year of 2007. We say to you with great joy, that this will be a wonderful and miraculous year, it will be the year of Love Made Manifest on the Earth. You were given a great gift of Love in December of 2006, and the unfolding of that radiant love energy will continue throughout 2007. You will experience that Radiance and Luminosity in every aspect of your lives.

But, we can say too, that in 2007 you will become aware of the two distinct worlds that exist side by side at this time. The Old Energy world based on third-dimensional perceptions will continue its downward spiral into violence and chaos. This will be an illusion that will be largely orchestrated by the media through coverage of events in the Middle East. Those who live in this world of illusion will feel anxiety and stress and anger, especially around economic and security issues. But, this world is weakening,…