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Kryon - Public Channeling of October 3, 2007

The Meaning of the Different Frequencies
The Meaning and Origin of the Drops of Blessing

Melek Metatron:
Resolution of Vows und Promises from the Period of Avalon

I Am Chamuel. I am bearer of the light. I am the cosmic grid, the great star tetrahedron of love. Chamuel greets each single one with the words OMAR TA SATT.

It is a pleasure for Chamuel to convey the messages through the medium today. From the spiritual world it has been brought to you that there are many different frequencies in the universe. To name them all would not be possible here. But we have noticed that many human beings do not know the meaning of these different frequencies. Thus Chamuel has the task today to report about these frequencies, for each single frequency contains an energetic pattern which is transferred to you when you call a certain frequency. You will be brought the energy, and at the same time the energetic pattern of this frequency is laid in your Light Body. Chamuel does n…

Pushing Ultimates

"To be truly ignorant, be content with your own knowledge."
This dictum, attributed to Chuang Tzu circa 300 BC, is more relevant than ever today. Research gathered from various directions has shown far too many people remain content with a limited input of knowledge, relying on what they glean from mass media, formal education and church, without any idea that continuing philosophical inquiry is a significant aspect of inner growth. As the 21st century dawns, it has become apparent that authentic self- knowledge requires revelations from varied fields of research which would take years to accumulate. Is there a solution ? Yes.

Author, poet, artist, Lew Paz set out forty years ago to pursue a life of Zorba the Greek adventure merged with Socratic questioning of all knowledges, which developed into a spiritual quest of the most compelling sort. After four decades of hard road travel over half the earth, including countless sunup to sunset days in libraries great and small, deepl…

Message from Archangel Michael

Beloved masters, if you watch or read the daily news, you must surely be aware that the cleansing of the Earth is accelerating at an astounding rate. No, God is not punishing humanity, and it is certainly not ‘God’s will’ that anyone should suffer. Down through the many ages you, as human Beings, have made ‘God’ the scapegoat for all the tragedies and chaos that have occurred so that you would not have to take personal responsibility for your actions. Your third/fourth-dimensional world is composed of material and psychological structures and, make no mistake, the emotional structures you have created and have accepted as your truth are just as confining as the material structures you have built.

Consciousness/creation/manifestation in the higher realms are fluid and malleable, and are redefined and reconstructed at each higher-dimensional level in order to be compatible with the vibrational patterns of that reality. This is the process that is taking…

Stand with the Burmese people

I am sure have you have been following the news about the crisis in Burma. Burma is ruled by one of the worst military dictatorships in the world. This week Buddhist monks and nuns began marching and chanting prayers to call for democracy. The protests spread and hundreds of thousands of Burmese people joined in -- they've been brutally attacked by the military regime, but still the protests are spreading.

There is an online petition calling on Burma's powerful ally China and the UN security council to step in and pressure Burma's rulers to stop the killing. The petition has exploded to over 200,000 signatures in a few days and is being advertised in newspapers around the world, delivered to the UN secretary general, and broadcast to the Burmese people by radio. We're trying to get to 1 million signatures this week, please sign below and pass this message onto as many people as possible. Lets hold the people of Burma in our prayers and meditations.

Click here to sign t…

Living with Vision - Newsletter October 2007

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BodyTalk - Energy Medicine for the 21st Century

In order to fulfill your vision and live a productive, creative and abundant life, you have to maintain a high energy level and keep your mind clear. I have been working professionally in the fields of health and healing for 25 years, and studied many different systems including Ayurveda, which is an ancient 5000 year old healing system from India.

And then I discovered Bodytalk, which can create a profound transformation not only as a healing modality but also in the expansion of consciousness and clarity of mind and perception which are required in order to hold your focus and intention to achieve that which you desire. I want to share some of my insights of this unique system, which appears to encompass all other systems in its expansiveness.

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Planetary Alignments

Harmony is the basic balancing principle that underlies everything.
Where there is harmony there is a good energy flow.
With Harmony ever…

The Miracle of Death

Beloved masters, on the earthly plane of existence, human Beings rejoice at the birth of a child, for it is indeed a miracle of creation, and they mourn the death of a loved one, for they feel a personal loss of that person from their midst. However, death is also a miracle and, from a spiritual point of view, it is a time of rejoicing, for it is a time of returning to a truer "state of Being."

We have spoken of ‘diminished consciousness,’ and it is time for you to understand that the ascension process entails expanding your awareness to integrate all the facets of conscious expression. You are not just a human Being with a soul, you are a wondrous Being who has experienced a tremendous variety of physical ‘expressions of consciousness.’

In ancient times, when you experienced the material realms in semi-solid or in solid form to varying degrees (while in the highest-fourth and lower-fifth dimensions, either on Earth or other planets in your solar system or galaxy), you kept th…

Kryon - Public Channeling of September 5, 2007


* The Year 2007
* Lady Gaia's Purifications
* Stabilization of Your Grid

I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service and I greet each single one with the immeasurable love and the sound OMAR TA SATT. Immeasurable love pours to you through the veil into the now-present in these moments. You are what you are and yet more than you suspect. Everything in you enables you to be master of your life.

Many human beings come to Kryon with the question what meaning the year 2007 has. Kryon would like to answer all those human beings. As it is very difficult for the human beings to understand the timelessness of the other dimensions Kryon will go into the linear time to answer you. The year 2007 with the cross total 9 is a mirror of the all-presence of the collective. Each single human being on Earth is being invited to recognize the mirror of the divinity in the now-present, to become aware of it and to manifest themselves in the divinity. The year 2006 was, spoken as metaphor, the year of…

The Energies for September 2007

Endings and Beginnings and Your Responsibilities in the New Energy.
Dearest Lightworkers, after the powerful energies that entered the planet in August, September will allow you the opportunity to integrate and assimilate and gain your bearings once again. There are powerful moments in September that will assist you to feel how you are moving into the New Earth energies.

The first significant moment is the 9-9-9 harmonic or energy on the 9th of September, with echoes on the 18th and the 27th of September, just after Full Moon. At these times, you will be made aware of the Completion or Ending of the Transitional Cycle that began in 1998, and the commencement of the first New Earth cycle. We have said before that this new cycle only really begins on the 1-1-1 harmonic, on the 1st of January 2008, and until then you can expect a period of relative instability and rapid change. Your Higher Self or I AM presence will be moving out all the "old" energies and aligning you with new d…

Kryon: Public Channeling August 1, 2007

Lady Nada:

*Permit Yourself to Live the Joy and the Love
*How Fear Hinders You
*Purification of the Chakra of the Zest for Life
*The New Age Is Pure Joy

I am the flame of the Christ consciousness. I am Lady Nada and I greet each single one of you with that which I am: joy and love. OMAR TA SATT.

It is a great pleasure for me to speak to you, to a group, to all human beings on Earth through the medium Sangitar today. For the Christ flame, the energy of the consciousness of Christ radiates far beyond these rooms. When a spiritual being hurries here, stays here among you with the high vibration, it has consequences for the human beings, here in these rooms and without. I, too, have experienced incarnations on Earth, among them also difficult and sad ones. I have lived through all facets of the duality and have ascended into the Divine Reality. Never, when I was still great light in a human body, was I able to imagine what this would be like. Here, in this reality, there is nothing …

Geometry and the Quest for the Holy Grail

For centuries people have been fascinated by the Quest for the Holy Grail. Different theories on what the Holy Grail is and where to find it have been researched, challenged, explored and debated.
As well as searching for what is it, one might say that it is just as significant to find out why we are so intrigued by this seemingly eternal quest. And in finding the reason behind the search we will find the answer to what it is that we have been looking for all along.

With these new codes ‘Geometry and the Quest for the Holy Grail’ I would like to go deeper into the exact meaning of the Grail. The Holy Grail lies at the basis of the Creation of All. It is the ultimate and universal form of Sacred Geometry, present in everything and created through a structured plan according to the principles of the Golden Ratio. It manifests itself within ourselves and all things around us.

The whole of Creation is inextricably bound up with geometry. The Grail consists of a code of creation which finds i…