Your Energetic Relationship with Food

Many of us are aware that eating organic or natural, whole foods is a great way to support our physical, emotional and mental health. It is fairly mainstream now to read articles and see in the media many references to wholesome eating. WHAT to eat need no longer be a mystery. However, are you aware of the energetic relationship you are creating and cultivating with your food?

Food is so basic to our lives; it is a potent symbol and manifestation of our connection to the earth, our groundedness, our fuel and nurturance. Second only to our breath, our daily intake of food is a natural rhythm from which we set our inner clock and from which we thrive and grow. In our consumerist culture, we seem to have lost sight of the sacredness that food represents. How did we ever forget the primal importance of our right relationship with the most basic of life-giving elements?

I have studied over the last several years my own inner, energetic relationship with food. As a very young child, I delighted in the investigation of different foods and my sense of taste. What a world to explore! Very soon, though, I learned to become afraid of food; I was taught the mental constructs of certain foods being “bad” for me, certain foods to avoid if I wanted to lose weight, and I learned not to trust my intuitive sense of when and what I wanted to eat. As an adolescent I came into a more tortured relationship with food; watching my feminine role models be so concerned with the thinness of their bodies as well as buying in to the media images of the ideal female, I alternately ate grapefruits all day, starved myself, went vegetarian, vegan, ayurvedic, ate right for my type, ate high-carbohydrate when I ran competitively, ate low-carbohydrate when that craze was in, etc. etc. etc. I have been all over the map when it comes to exploring all the ways to have an imbalanced relationship with food. Over the years, I have yearned to feel at ease again about food and have been examining the ways in which I desecrate what I eat and therefore my body, soul and spirit. I am now reclaiming the joy and ease with food that I experienced when I was a wee one.

What are the benefits of a balanced, joyful energetic relationship with food?

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Source/Submitted by: Felicia Berry, Rev., © 2006-7 Licia Berry and Starchild Global
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